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4 Character Traits Nurses Need To Be Successful

Nursing is one of the most honorable careers anyone can have. People who choose this type of work are generally caring and want to see others happy and comfortable. However, wanting to help people is only a part of what makes a nurse successful. Furthermore, it is a challenging journey to even become a nurse. Consider how the medical profession changes continually. Though that is true, there are some foundational attributes that make a nurse great. Here are 4 character traits nurses need to be successful.

Character Traits Nurses Need #1: Fortitude

First of all, whether an aspiring nurse studies through an online nursing degree program or on campus, he or she will encounter early on the demands of a nursing career. The amount of information a nurse must master alone is enough to scare some students off. Having the ability to push through tough challenges in school prepares them for the real world situations they may be in.

Character Traits Nurses Need #2: Patience 

One of the most important qualities for a nurse to have is patience and the ability to remain calm and collected under pressure. Bear in mind that patients and their families may be stressed or even scared. A nurse’s ability to walk people through challenging medical events is imperative to a successful outcome. The patients aren’t the only ones who need a calm steady person by their side. Doctors and other personnel rely on the optimistic and continuous “glue” that nurses provide in emergency situations.

Character Traits Nurses Need #3: Detail-Oriented

Being detail-oriented is really an understatement of what it takes to be a successful nurse. They must always be on top of things going on around them, especially when working in fast-paced, critical environments. For someone at an office job, when someone says to pay attention to the small details, it might mean checking for typos on a contract. And, yes, all jobs are important, but checking for a typo for a nurse is having someone’s life in her hands. I once overdosed on a medication because someone didn’t check where a decimal point was on a prescription. So I know just how important “details” are where your health is concerned.

Character Traits Nurses Need #4: Considerate and Caring

Nursing is one of those jobs that may require you to put others before yourself every single day. As a nurse, you may work 12-hour shifts and even be asked to stay longer if needed. This could interfere with your own health or family life. It’s not uncommon to hear of nurses who skip their breaks or even put off going to the toilet for hours, simply because their patients can’t do without them.

Successful nurses care a great deal for others in need. This caring shows in everything they do from the moment they step into their role. I guarantee you notice the difference between a nurse who cares and one who doesn’t. Caring and consideration create a desire to pay attention to detail in order to do a job well. In this case, it keeps people safe.

Unfortunately, the world has nurses who do not have or show these traits. I believe this is in part because there is such a demand in the medical field. Poor attitudes and lower work standards have seeped through the cracks as a result. If you are considering a career as a nurse, make sure you have at least these 4 qualities before you go further.

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