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3 Simple Steps To Tame Frizzy Hair

There’s nothing worse than spending quality time on your hair only to have it sabotaged by the summer humidity. For some of us, frizzy hair is a mild inconvenience due to untimely environmental changes. Unfortunately, for others, it can be a much more sinister problem. Yeah, these are the women that have used about every smoothing product out there without much success. If this is you, I do recommend listening to your hair stylist and trying new products as they hit the market. That said, consider the following 3 simple steps to tame frizzy hair.

Steps To Tame Frizzy Hair #1: Get a Good Hair Cut and Products

If you are afflicted with chronic frizzy hair, I say first get some advice from your hair stylist. If he or she recommends that you have a shorter style, maybe you should listen. It could be that your frizzies are due to damage from chemicals or heat. Cutting it just might do the trick. If you’re adamant about keeping a longer style, try adding a few long layers with blunt ends. There is nothing wrong with hair having texture, even a little fuzziness never hurt anyone. However, if it keeps you from looking polished, it’s not the right cut for you. 

I do also know that women over 40 can experience a texture change due to hormone shifts. This can leave your hair looking dull and fuzzy. One trick that I learned is making sure to get a good blowout after washing. Letting it dry naturally usually is a mistake. I also use the best products I can afford to remedy my hair issues. So when your hair stylist recommends some products to you, he or she isn’t just trying to sell you. They know what works and what you need.

Steps To Tame Frizzy Hair #2: Use Good Equipment

It’s vital that you have a high-quality hairdryer, straightener, and brush. Frizzy hair takes power to manage so you need to make sure your hairdryer has plenty of wattage to dry your hair as quickly as possible. Ask your stylist or check out sites like Oomphed! for reviews of the best hairdryers for frizzy hair. Ask for recommendations for a quality brush for a blowout as well.

When it comes to straighteners, spend as much as you can within your budget. Go for straighteners that retain the heat. These tend to be ceramic or porcelain and conduct the heat into your hair in an efficient way so that it remains sleek and straight for the longest possible time. 

Steps To Tame Frizzy Hair #3: Embrace The Frizz

Ok, maybe celebrating your frizz is going a little far, but you can certainly use it to your advantage when it comes to styling your hair. Big hair is very much on trend at the moment as is texture and volume. Use your thicker locks to achieve the perfect natural look. All you need is a leave-in conditioner, a light blow dry and some natural frizz reducing oils, and you can achieve a wavy long and loose style for your mane. Simply use your flat iron to touch up any areas that haven’t curled right.

Natural oils like Argan are less damaging and don’t break the bank to purchase. It’s time to utilize your hair type to your advantage. Go for the tousled, untidy look. Embrace your kinks. And enjoy your volume. You can work with your hair to create a style that is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

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