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5 Savvy Ways To Execute A Promotion With Power And Grace

This post was a collaboration and may contain affiliate links. Landing a promotion can be a challenging ordeal to go through. That said, just wait until you are in your new position and the fireworks really fly! This can be terrifying and, for a lot of people, overwhelming to the point of debilitating stress. It’s important to take a breath and look at the situation logically. After all, you got this promotion because your employer has confidence in your abilities. Don’t second guess yourself now. Here are some tips to execute a promotion with power and grace.

Execute A Promotion With Power And Grace #1: Define And Conquer

The very first thing you need to do in your new position outline exactly what that means. It’s your responsibility to understand the role, the requirements, and how you will proceed. There are three primary areas that stand out: what you expect of yourself, what the company expects of you, and what your boss expects. By understanding these clearly, you and the company will better measure your success in your new position. You want this because there are likely higher pegs on that ladder you might want to be on in the future.

Execute A Promotion With Power And Grace #2: Talk to Your Superiors

You have worked your way up to this point, and that means you will be working more closely with the higher ups. So get to know them more by spending some quality time together to figure out how you now fit into the company. They will have certain things for you to accomplish right away and in the future. Find out what style suits them and how they prefer to communicate to get things done. The closer you mesh with your superiors, the faster and more efficiently you will execute your duties. 

Execute A Promotion With Power And Grace #3: Celebrate Your Victory

This career milestone deserves a celebration like no other! Take some time to do this properly with your loved ones and co-workers. It could be an evening in town with your best friends to pop come champagne. One way I love to celebrate business and financial victories is to dream build. This entails acknowledging that you can actually afford some things you’ve wanted. My favorite is looking at nice cars, houses and even furnished apartments in that area of town I love! This helps to wrap your mind around just how significant a promotion or raise can be. It elevates your confidence level and helps you to fit into your new role faster. 

Execute A Promotion With Power And Grace #4: Set Some New Career Goals

You will want to set some new goals as soon as possible. Knowing exactly what you are shooting for helps to keep you on track. Just as you moved into this new role, there are others that wait for you. I’ve seen many people get complacent after a victory like this. They slow down, thinking it’s break time since they worked so hard to get there. Yes, you do deserve a break, sometimes, but you don’t want to lose the momentum you’ve gained either.

Execute A Promotion With Power And Grace #5: Knowledge Is Power

Learn everything you can about your position, the company, your industry, and the people you work with. If you want continued success and to thrive in your new job, arm yourself with powerful techniques in business management and leadership. Read blogs, magazines, books, and attend seminars to improve not only your industry skills but your personal development.

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