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4 Tips For Putting Together A Wardrobe Capsule

Do you constantly say…strongly, I might add, “I don’t have anything to wear!” The truth is, you may have hundreds of tops, pencil skirts, jackets and trousers and, yet, still have nothing to wear. How is this possible? It could be that you have focused your purchases on trendy items that don’t really get much mileage. Buying clothes on a whim, without a plan, is how this happens. This is why putting together a wardrobe capsule helps you to always have timeless outfits to wear.

Just so you know, a wardrobe capsule is a group of separate clothing pieces, accessories, and shoes that can be mixed and matched to create many outfits. These outfits are meant to be your wardrobe for all occasions within a certain timeframe, such as a season or period of travel. Here are my best tips!

Putting Together A Wardrobe Capsule #1: Clear Out

Before you begin constructing your streamlined wardrobe capsule, clear out the things you won’t be using. Be ruthless. Include anything that doesn’t fit well, dated and trendy items that have had better days, unflattering things, and worn out shoes and clothes.

It’s time to get all of your clothing out onto your bed and decide whether it needs to go or not. Also, anything you haven’t worn in the past year needs to find a new home. Once you have a thinner wardrobe, you can begin to construct your new collection of quality pieces that serve your life and style.

Putting Together A Wardrobe Capsule # Purchase the Foundation of Basics

The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to select pieces that can be mixed and matched with many other pieces, and that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The ability to do this largely depends on having a foundation of timeless classic basics. This includes things like black pants, blue jeans, white blouse, tank tops, cardigans, neutral shoes and purses, and a basic flexible jacket or coat.

Opt for classic women’s clothing with a tailored fit. This ensures that you will always have the basics for your more complex outfits. I like to have a variety of basics in each category as well. Blue jeans are a good example of this. You might see me in a pair of skinny jeans one day and wide legs the next. This is because they give a different feel and vibe to an outfit. You can certainly build this type of collection over time if your budget doesn’t allow an “all in” purchase. 

Putting Together A Wardrobe Capsule #2: Give Yourself Options that Are Flexible

When I say “flexible”, I mean pieces that can be either dressed up or dressed down. A good example of this is the LBD or little black dress. Consider the sorts of functions, events and formal parties you attend, and purchase an LBD that suits them first. If you go for something, not over the top, you can certainly dress it down with casual shoes and a blue jean jacket.

Another thing to think about when trying to purchase flexible pieces is your accessories. Opt for jewelry that is classic and able to go with many things. There isn’t any crime in wearing an outfit with pearls every day.  One of the things I love in fashion is contrast. I think it’s so interesting when I see women wearing a fancy dress with casual shoes or jeans. Or, how about wearing a casual pair of jeans with glam shoes?

Putting Together A Wardrobe Capsule #3: You Can Cheat

Hey, I’m all for being original, but this wardrobe capsule thing can get complicated. Get on sites like Pinterest or a popular fashion blog and check out their already-put-together capsules. You will find your style, I guarantee. In fact, there will likely be so many you might have trouble choosing. I once built a whole capsule around a leather jacket because it was a staple of mine at the time…still is, really. Anyway, I love to see what others are doing, and then I make it my own.

The important thing here is creating a wardrobe that serves your lifestyle and personal fashion. You want to look in your closet and have the problem of having too many things to choose from. Your friends and co-workers will revel in your new savvy sense of fashion. And, hey, you will have all the bragging rights that come with the territory! Good luck and happy shopping!



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