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5 Simple Job Interview Hacks To Stand Out

Knowing how to present yourself well in an interview makes a huge difference when you have a lot of competition. Though you may not be able to shake all the nerves, being confident is imperative for success. This may be more difficult for some of you than others. Meeting new people can be tricky, anyway, let alone if it’s for an important reason. There are some simple job interview hacks to make you stand out. I’ve practiced all of these, and they work!

Job Interview Hacks to Stand Out #1: Handle Those Nerves Like a Boss!

job interview hacksHaving a concrete plan to handle interview nerves helps to settle your mind and boost your confidence. There are a few physical things you can do, as well as emotional and mental. Let’s talk about the physical first. When you get up in the morning, avoid coffee and go for something like matcha green tea instead. This will wake you up without giving you the jitters or more anxiety. Drink plenty of water, as you don’t want to be dehydrated or coughing and spluttering during the interview. A quality protein breakfast feeds your mind, so you have the energy to answer questions well.

On the emotional/mental side, consider doing some form of relaxation technique before your interview. Try centering your body by taking a barefoot walk in the grass or by the lake. I like to also visualize the interview going well and getting the job and salary I want.

Job Interview Hacks to Stand Out #2: Practice Answering Questions

Several days before your interview, study the job listing, the company website, and common interview questions. You might even want to talk to someone you know in the industry. Some of the most common inquiries are “How do I prepare for an interview and what questions should I expect?” This will be the same regardless of whatever career someone is pursuing, whether it is for a data analyst role or a simple cashier job at a local store.

Take some time to practice dialoguing about your accomplishments and career goals. The more comfortable you feel talking about yourself, the more confident you will seem. Additionally, make sure to smile, make eye contact, show personality, and mirror the interviewer’s body positioning. Positive body language is key! Avoid nervous habits like flipping hair, popping fingers, fast movements, or using phrases like “you know”, “like”, “ummmm”, and “I just”.

Job Interview Hacks to Stand Out #3: Ask Superior Professional Questions

Showing up to your interview prepared with your serious questions shows proactivity and genuine interest in the company. Word your questions in the most professional way you can. You want to sound intelligent and forward-thinking. Perhaps, a few questions about the future of the company might pique the interviewer’s interest in your ability. Also, don’t forget to write down the answers to your questions, especially if you are interviewing with several people and companies.

Job Interview Hacks to Stand Out #4: Be Prepared to Back-up Your Resume

There is no sense in ever padding your resume with claims that cannot be backed up. It’s better to have quality than quantity in this case. A resume builder can also help you put together a great resume if get stuck. Work on being concise and specific with your information.

It’s also imperative to be forthright and completely open about your experience and education. You don’t have to volunteer negative information about yourself but don’t fabricate anything if asked. Instead, if negative things come up, try to spin them into a positive. For example: If you are asked what your weakness is, say, “In the past, I have had challenges with overcommitting myself. However, I’ve been working on setting stronger boundaries.”

Job Interview Hacks to Stand Out #5: Look (and Smell) Your Best

Looking your best at a job interview makes a great impression. Not only that, it boosts your confidence. Wear pressed clothes suited to the interview and job for which you are applying. You should also look and smell clean, so make sure you shower on the day and pop in a breath mint just before the interview. Don’t overdo cologne or perfume. Some people are sensitive to strong scents and can be turned off immediately. Keep jewelry and fashion on the conservative side unless you are applying for a creative position. Every small detail matters!



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