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4 Tips For Staying Warmer And Spending Less This Winter

Winter can be challenging for many people for obvious reasons. Furthermore, it can be considerably more expensive than the rest of the year. Heating and energy costs rise due to the colder weather and the shorter days, leaving us a choice to be cold or pay outrageous bills. Additionally, when the temp drops, having appropriate clothes and shoes is a must. I don’t know about you, but my family tends to eat more during the winter months. Unfortunately, unless you’ve saved a bit of money over the rest of the year, these higher expenses can shake a budget to the core. Let’s take a look at some tips for staying warmer and spending less this winter.

Try to Reduce Heating and Energy Costs

No matter how you heat your home, it’s usually a significant cost, especially when using traditional fuel types. The first thing you can do to reduce winter expenses is to utilize money-saving tips from your energy company. Some of them will even come out to your home and inspect for problems that could be making you cold and wasting your money. You can also consider switching suppliers if you have a choice in your area. If you use oil for heating, you may be able to find a competitive deal by comparing prices. Do, at least, find out more about fair energy costs and how to find the best deals. Changing the energy type can also help. Why not consider switching to a ground pump for a renewable energy source?

Keep Your Home In Good Condition

Winter can batter your home in a number of ways. The cold, rain, snow, and ice can do so much damage to your roof, windows, and other parts of your house. The thing is, much of this damage can be prevented with simple maintenance and upkeep throughout the year. It’s in your best interest to do what you can to fix minor issues before they get worse and turn into major expenses.

Though winterizing is best to be done well before the cold weather arrives, you can still do makeshift repairs until spring arrives. For example, if you have air coming in your windows, you can certainly add some temporary plastic until you can either caulk them or have them replaced. Make a list of things you notice during the winter, so you don’t forget or procrastinate them when warmer weather arrives.

Pay Attention to Your Car

Your car can go through rough times during the winter, too. Winter-proofing your car will help to prevent accidents and unnecessary damage. Again, it’s best to do this before winter weather hits, but you can attend to these things anytime. You might need to change to winter tires or use snow chains if you live somewhere particularly cold. It’s also a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car, including things like a de-icer, a shovel, blankets, a flashlight, and other tools to aid in an emergency situation.

Invest in Quality Winter Clothes

While it might not seem like it at first, spending a little more on your winter essentials is recommended, especially if you live in an area that has extreme winter weather. These higher quality items not only last longer but will actually keep you warm, even when the temperatures drop well below zero. I highly recommend checking out companies that specialize in winter outerwear. 

Though we can’t stop the cold from coming, we can help ourselves when it does. I find that preparation is the best way to stay warmer and spend less. However, on the fly repairs and maintenence is better than not doing it at all. Do what you can throughout the year to prepare and make sure to set an emergency budget for unforeseen problems that winter can bring.


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