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4 Ways To Improve Company Communication

As a business owner, it’s important to have an excellent communication strategy to support your team and grow your company. This has become even more apparent with the current challenges we face now with the pandemic. Here are several ways to improve your business communication that make sense now and in the future.

Set Clear Standards and Guidelines

When it comes to communication within a company, it’s imperative that everyone knows what the standard is. Furthermore, this “standard” must be clearly communicated and followed up on periodically. If you are mostly operating remotely, you may have to create innovative ways to ensure consistency. I recommend creating a detailed employee handbook that lays out your policies, expectations, and consequences for non-compliance. 

Execute Frequent Check-ins

To improve communication within your company it’s important to arrange frequent check-ins with your team. Organize both team meetings and one-to-one meetings regularly. Meetings are useful to assess the progress of projects, offer support, and create new goals. Ask your team what they need to enhance their performance, and help them to assess their career goals. Businesses with strong company culture are more successful than businesses that are lacking in this area.

Utilize Communication Software

To support your communication strategy, utilize available tools and offer training to your team. Check out these popular platforms:

  • Beekeeper: With the help of this platform, you can help your team to improve their communication and performance. Beekeeper allows staff to send messages in real-time, whether that’s in a group or privately. Additionally, you can also share content, documents, and files.
  •  Zoho Cliq: This platform is one of the leading communication tools for modern businesses. Staff can access channels for messages using text, voice, and video. 

When you’re running a small business, it’s vital to have plenty of support tools to improve your efficiency. Do also consider the following areas:

  1. Telephone Services

With the help of a telephone answering service, you can improve your internal and external communication as well as customer service and support. Telephone answering services are third-parties that take your business calls and represent your brand with the standards you set. There are many benefits to using a telephone answering service, including:

  • These services will take your calls around the clock, meaning your customers can always talk to someone, no matter what.
  • Telephone answering companies are highly affordable, meaning you could save money by streamlining this part of communication.
  • Boosts your customer service and helps keep your customers/clients satisfied.
  • Many services offer multiple language support, for example, an answering service in english and spanish.

Consider Chatbot Support

Chatbots can help you to communicate more efficiently with your customers, and enhance your customer service. Chatbots can deal with multiple queries at the same time, and offer a personalized service for the customer. Modern customers want their issues resolved immediately, and they don’t always want to call. With the help of chatbots, you can meet customer needs, plus you can use chatbots to collect feedback.

With a winning communication strategy, expect that results fairly quickly. This is especially true if your entire team is on board and using the systems appropriately. Remember, it’s important to get feedback from your staff. They may have a few insights which could help you to improve your strategy.


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