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4 Tips To Starting A New Career In A New Area

Moving to a new geographic location can be exciting and adventurous but can also be somewhat scary. This is especially true if you plan to start a new career or need to find a new job. Some women may want to start over in a completely different field, while others look for higher wages or better job opportunities in their industry. Our last move out of state was wonderful but also very stressful. We had so much to do to secure our home, let alone looking for career opportunities. Fortunately, my husband had already secured his job months in advance of our move. Either way, moving out of state or out of the country is challenging. The following four tips will help jump-start your journey by explaining the essential things you need to do before making the big move.

Research Different Opportunities

Before packing up and hitting the road, research the job opportunities in your new location. Ideally, do this far enough in advance that you can secure a position before you move. First, make a list of jobs that match your skill set and those that meet both your salary requirements and location preferences. You can then use various platforms to find prospective jobs, including Google, Indeed.com, LinkedIn, or even Craigslist. Do also learn more about local culture, demographics, and companies by asking friends or relatives in the area. You might also benefit from seeking out the help of a job recruiter or agency.

Research Cost of Living

Although you might be tempted to move for higher wages, it is essential to research the cost of living in the new city or town. If you are making more money but everything costs twice as much, you could be in trouble. Researching both your city and county will help provide insight into where most jobs are located so that you can make better decisions about how far from home to live. Moving too far away could mean sacrificing part or all of a potential raise if housing expenses and commuting are way more than what you’re used to.

Consider Starting or Buying a Business

If you want to start a new career in a different state, another option is to buy an existing business or start a new one. Finding a Business For Sale shouldn’t be that difficult if you connect with a commercial realtor or business broker.  Buying an established business also comes with some advantages, such as customer base, supplier contracts, and employees already familiar with the company culture. It’s essential to do your due diligence when investigating businesses for sale; make sure you have realistic expectations and are comfortable taking on the risks associated with this type of purchase.

Starting a business from scratch will also require you to investigate the demographics, culture, and potential commercial space. You might want to give yourself some time in the new area before you decide which direction to go in for business.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Starting a new career in a different area can be both exhilarating and daunting at the same time. Make sure that you are emotionally ready for this change before taking any steps. If you’re feeling anxious or uncertain, talking to someone who has already experienced a long-distance move might be helpful. Utilize your personal and professional networks to gain insights from people who have been in your shoes. This will help calm your nerves and give you the best chance for success when starting over in a new place.

Deciding to start a new career in a different location is not easy, but it can be an exciting adventure with proper planning and execution! Use these tips and take your time, and good luck on this next chapter of your life.


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