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4 Ways Clicks (Digital Transactions) Can Transform Business

According to a Network World study, the average person interacts via tap, click, swipe, and type over 2,600 times in a day. When it comes to your desktop device, you might add another 5,000 mouse interactions to your day. Altogether, that totals over 7,600 clicks or similar gestures to engage with your digital surroundings for work or pleasure. If you’re curious, download WhatPulse to monitor your personal digital use.

As we already click our way through most of the day and night, it’s fair to think that we could use it to our advantage in business. That is if we’re following a plan that actually brings results. The question is what are the ways a simple digital click could change things? Let’s take a look at some simple ways clicks (digital transactions) can transform business.

#1: Clicks Don’t Need an Office

Digital interaction is just that…digital. That means it doesn’t require you to be in any certain place. Though smartphones and tablets have not yet replaced laptops and computers completely, it’s headed in that direction. These can be used anywhere, anytime with either WiFi or service plan data. We are free to do our business and personal interactions from nearly anywhere.

The introduction of cloud technology as a work community that stores, engages, and supports each project has also transformed business productivity dramatically. Employees value flexible and remote working options that help them manage the work/life balance. 

#2: Improves Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever been to a professional like a doctor or dentist and not understood what he or she was saying to you? Think about how those conversations could have been improved with visual or digital information support. Yes, if your dentist could visit OrthoSelect to use a 3D model of your teeth and actually show you what’s going on, you would be more satisfied with the service. This is just one example of how digital transactions transform business.

For writers, business owners, and other professionals one click on a site such as Grammarly can help them to alleviate embarrassing typos and grammar mistakes. The list of useful online solutions that provide checks and improvements is long. The key is to take the extra moment and use technology to its fullest. 

#3: Clicks are Easy

If your business advertises on the web or via phone apps, chances are your potential customers and clients must go through a decision-making process. Consider how long this process might take if the individual were in a brick and mortar store. It would likely be much longer, and they might never buy. Online shopping has transformed this process and made it easier for all of us to spend our money. Though this might not be always good for the consumer who is on a tight budget, it surely feeds businesses who are selling. The truth is, the easier decision making is to those who visit our sites, apps, and pages, the more likely they are to buy and interact with us.

#4: Simplifies Communication

Simple digital interactions strip away some of the actions once needed to create the same results. Meetings can be scheduled with one click, as well as cancellations. You can click OK to accept or No to reject a suggestion. Clicks are action-focused, and as such, they keep business interactions on track. Additionally, using digital communication reduces the risk of conflicts within a company because there is a record of what was said and when. Additionally, using a clickable interforce as a platform for communication can provide a universal base for international debates and exchanges. 

It’s obvious we are not going to stop using digital technology or “clicks” anytime soon. In fact, I have a feeling this trend will continue to increase in popularity. And it will also help increase the productivity and revenue of businesses out there.

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