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5 Products To Help Revive Old Flooring

Every day, your floors, whether carpeting, wood, tile, or vinyl, get used more than any other part of your home. And, depending on your family’s lifestyle, if you have pets, and how much you entertain, you may see that flooring begin to look dull, dirty, and worn fairly quickly.

Floors need constant care that is specialized for each type. Hence, it’s important to know the appropriate cleaning products to keep each area of your home looking its best. Though you might love some new flooring from a company like Dallas flooring contractors, you might be able to give your old ones some new life. Here are some floor products to revive old carpet, tile, and wood floors. Though you might still want and need new flooring, consider restoration before you spend the big bucks.


#1: Hoover® FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe

This Hoover® model is one of the top-selling products in its category.  A lightweight model, at under 20 pounds, reviewers boast it’s easy and convenient to use. It has an 8-foot hose with a useful upholstery tool, making it useful for more than the carpet. It has a feature that mixes the cleaning solution with the right amount of water, so there is no guesswork there. I recommend reading through reviews completely to see if this model would work the best for your specific needs.

#2: Shark Navigator® Lift-Away Professional

A top vacuum in its category in the market, the Shark Navigator® Lift-Away Professional is light (14 lbs) and convenient, as reported by reviewers. It has an extra-large capacity dirt canister that allows for longer use without the need to empty.

Moreover, it has anti-allergen technology (HEPA) that traps dust and allergens inside the filter. Additionally, this model is made to shift easily from carpet to hard floors, making it a good choice for those with multiple types of flooring. Additional features include a pet brush, dusting brush, crevice, and foot power cord. Most of the reviews are positive, however, some have criticized the Shark Navigator® for being difficult to maintain.


#3: Bona® Hardwood Floor Spray Mop

The Bona® Hardwood Floor Mop seems to be loved by most reviewing consumers for its capacity to quickly clean and shine wood floors without streaks or waxy residue. This convenient model resembles the Swiffer® as it uses replaceable solution cartridges. Of course, the solution is specialized for hardwood floors. The microfiber pads also help to care for wood’s delicate nature. Reviews vary from people saying it’s the best wood floor product they’ve ever used to some saying the handle broke. However, in the cases of broken products, the company responded quickly to resolve the issues.


#4: O-Cedar® EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

Customers love this versatile mop that can be used on multiple types of flooring. Its convenient foot pedal allows users to control the level of water on the mop easily. A splash guard is also built in to avoid splashes and mishaps. The microfiber tackles dirt without the use of harmful chemicals. 

What customers seem to love the most are the removable microfiber and a self-cleaning feature. However, there aren’t separate compartments for the clean and used water. 

#5: Swiffer® Sweeper Floor Mop Starter Kit

The Swiffer® mop is one of the most used and loved products on the market today. The best thing about it is the refillable cleaning solutions. You can purchase different ones, depending on what type of floor you are cleaning. It’s easy to use for just about anyone and is actually even fun. My children love to help clean the house if they get to use the Swiffer®. The starter kit comes with a sweeper, solution, seven dry sweeping cloths, and three wet mopping cloths. However, refills are a little pricey, but most feel the convenience and quality are well worth it.


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