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4 Ways To Run A More Eco-Friendly Business

It has never been more important for businesses to not just be seen as environmentally aware but to actually be environmentally responsible. Doing so could be the difference between getting new customers or not, as many people care deeply about our planet. This isn’t just something for large companies with factories either. Even if you are just a small company, you can do your part to run a more eco-friendly business. Just in case you don’t know how you can help the planet, here are 4 ways you can make a difference!

Run A More Eco-Friendly Business #1: Go Paperless

With more and more concern for the environment and forests, there really has never been a better time to join the revolution and go completely digital. Going paperless not only allows you to proudly position your company as sustainable and environmentally conscious, but it will also make your business more organized and efficient. It definitely lends itself to modernization and automation- both things that help to cut expenses and mistakes.

Run A More Eco-Friendly Business #2: Recycling & Waste Disposal

Every business should recycle and dispose of waste properly. At this point, most cities and even small towns regularly collect recyclables from residences and businesses. Additionally, there are companies that specialize in waste removal. All types of trash and chemicals can be removed safely such as medical waste disposal or leftover parts and products. Seek out companies in your area that have strong reputations and good reviews.

Run A More Eco-Friendly Business #3: Encourage Car-Pooling

Car-pooling is a huge trend for a reason. After all, less carbon waste in the air makes for a better environment for us all.  If your staff isn’t already car-pooling, start trying to encourage them to takes steps. If no one is particularly excited about it, how about offering an incentive? Perhaps you could offer restaurant vouchers to those that get involved. If the whole company gets on board, you could have a monthly special event for everyone.

Run A More Eco-Friendly Business #4: Reduce Company Travel

Make sure that all of your company travel is necessary. I know it’s often easier and more successful to meet with vendors and colleagues in person, but, sometimes, it could be a simple conference call instead. With apps like Skype, Go to Meeting, and live streaming, your options for communication are plentiful. Learn these methods and make sure your staff does as well. If you or your employees have to travel, you can also look at all modes of transportation to see which one is more eco-friendly. 

Running an eco-friendly business has become almost as important as good marketing and having quality customer service. Buyers want to know that the businesses they support have good intentions and care about how they treat our planet. These 4 things discussed in this article are all considered to be quality ways to help our environment, they are not everything. If you truly want to run an eco-friendly business, seek out ways you can help your community as a company. Organize a volunteer day to clean up a park or highway. You could even set up a fundraiser for awareness or a specific area that needs help.

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