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4 Ways To Be Happier While Achieving Goals

Whether you are running a business, a house, a family, or just getting through one day to the next, achieving goals is important. Though we would love for success to simply fall into our laps, life doesn’t usually work that way. It requires hard work, commitment, and dedication to reach goals. One of the main differences between someone that gives up and someone that reaches the finish line is largely in their mindset and whether they are happy along the way. That is what I want to share with you today. Here are a few major things that I do to be happier while achieving goals.

Celebrate All Achievements 

It can be easy to brush off small achievements and only celebrate when something big happens, but this behavior is actually a little counter-productive, and here’s why. The brain creates neuropathways for everything we experience (serving and non-serving). Furthermore, it remembers when something feels good and there is a reward involved.  The more we tell our brains that we are pleased with our achievements, the easier we will achieve in the future. So, if we reward small achievements, the brain responds and wants more of that. It literally wires us for success!

It doesn’t have to be a huge celebration each time, but it is important that you acknowledge what you have done and allow yourself to stop, reflect, and feel proud of yourself. If you’ve finally made a new deal at work, why not have a mini-party with the family? Or if you’ve completed painting the bathroom, why not give yourself half an hour off to soak in the tub? Whatever it is, however menial, take the time to reflect on the work you put into reaching your goal and be proud that you didn’t give up!

Give Back to Those Who Helped You 

As we achieve our goals, it is often because others have helped us along the way. And though you likely thanked them, do consider giving back in a way that really shows your appreciation. Whether it’s your clients, parents, mentor, or friends, you can make sure they know how they’ve helped you by touching their lives in some way. Perhaps you could donate money to their favorite charity or volunteer to help on a project. I recommend being creative and generous as you plan to give back. 

The National Life Group reviews is one example of a company that is committed to giving back to its clients as they grow. The group’s infamous motto: “Do Good, Be Good, Make Good,” gives the customer the confidence to make the group part of their lives, and they know that they are giving back and showing appreciation each step of the way.

Help Others By Being a Mentor

Just as you thank and give back to others that helped you along the way, it’s important to also pay forward the time and attention you were given. You can do this by mentoring those who want to achieve similar goals as you did. Think about how you felt when you first started on a project or goal. What things did you need, and what help did you get? Often students, newbies, and interns are looking for a boost from experienced businesswomen, moms, or artists.

Make the Journey Fun

The journey to achieve goals and be successful doesn’t have to be boring and stressful. In fact, I recommend doing whatever it takes to make it fun and exciting. My best advice for this is to keep a positive attitude and be willing to step outside your comfort zone.

Also, make sure you are looking after your physical health and well-being. After all, your health is the most precious thing you have, so don’t take it for granted. Treat yourself to a trip to the chiropractor every once in a while to help maintain your overall health. Find pleasurable activities that keep you moving and strong.

Additionally, find the joy in all that you do, give yourself time off to appreciate what you’ve accomplished, and try not to let your journey become stale and monotonous. If it does, take a minute to analyze what’s changed and what you really want. Ideals change, goals change, and we change as women. Ask yourself if you want the same things that you did when you started out to reach a goal. Making simple changes or tweaks could be the best way to achieve more goals and be happier during the process.

With hard work, dedication, and the right mindset, you can more easily achieve your goals and feel accomplished. Keep focused, enjoy what you do, and don’t forget to celebrate what you achieve when you achieve it, no matter how big or small it might seem.

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Madeline is a mid-west mom of three who spends most of her time refilling ice trays and changing toilet paper...just kidding. She is a high school guidance counselor, all around funny gal, and a writer. Her first book, Be Happy Already!", is in the works.

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