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6 Tips To Make Clothing Last Longer

Clothing is not only essential from a practical point of view but also an important way to express ourselves and our personalities. Therefore, it’s worth taking steps to keep it looking and feeling good as long as possible. That is unless your one of those women who wear an outfit once and never look at it again. Well, most of us are not that person. So for the rest of us, here are several ways to make clothing last longer.

Understand the Reasons

Taking care of your clothing has many benefits; it helps you keep your favorite outfits looking good for longer, it saves money, and it is more responsible. Furthermore, it prevents them from ending up in the landfill unnecessarily. In the United States alone, more than 15 million tonnes of textile waste is generated each year. That is a scary statistic that we all need to consider.

Keep Moths at Bay

Moths can be a huge enemy of clothing. So, I highly recommend keeping clothes moths away from your closet unless you want them eating holes in your favorite outfits. Moth larvae are particularly fond of eating natural fabrics such as felt, leather, wool, and silk. Take a look at moth-prevention.com for details and products that help keep moths away from your wardrobe.

Hang Clothes Carefully

Taking care of your clothes while hanging in the closet is crucial to helping them last longer and stay looking good. Choosing the correct hangers for your garments prevents them from being damaged or becoming crumpled and permanently creased. Also, carefully hanging your delicate garments prevents them from getting snagged in the closet. Selecting non-slip hangers is also a good idea to prevent your clothing from sliding onto the closet floor.

Do also consider the environment in your closet or wardrobe. If the space is too moist or dry, your clothing could be adversely affected. Additionally, excessive heat or cold can have an impact on some materials like leather.

Read Care Labels

Pulling your favorite piece of clothing out of the washer or dryer to find it has been damaged or shrunk is a horrible thing. I’ve been there many times…usually after my hubby has done the laundry. 🙂 Moving on…to prevent laundry mishaps from ruining your clothing (at least when you do laundry), it is essential to read the garment care label and follow instructions carefully. Remember, don’t assume anything! Also, take extra care when washing and drying items with velcro, zippers, and clips as these could become tangled with other items.

Use the Right Products

The days of simply throwing your clothes in the washer with a cup of detergent are a little antiquated. With the market offering so many clothing care products, you can choose from a number of specialized detergents, softeners, and dryer sheets. There are products that help your darks stay dark, your colors remain bright, as well as a detergent that gets out hidden dirt.

Repair Damage When You Notice It

Repairing your clothing as soon as you spot damage is an essential part of helping it to last longer. It is much easier to rescue an item while the damage is minimal rather than wait until it becomes a serious problem. If you absolutely can’t do the repair immediately, shelf that item until you can. That said, you can also choose a makeshift repair that will hold while you wear it once. Yes, I have been known to use my fair share of safety pins and hot-glued hems. 

Making clothing last longer isn’t rocket science, but it does take a little extra time and care. I think it’s worth it simply to save money and the environment.


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