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4 Ways To Focus On Greater Health

Obtaining and holding onto to optimal health can feel like chasing an elusive unicorn at times. Many of us understand the basics and do them consistently, but there is so much to learn about our own bodies and how they work best. We know that if we eat clean, exercise, and drink enough water, we’ll probably lose weight and have decent health. And most of us know that if we get enough sleep each night and manage stress well, we are much more likely to avoid mental health problems. 

Of course, the above mentioned are only a few health basics to practice. But what else can we do to focus on greater health? Below, I talk about several strategies to bring your body to a better place. Remember to consult your physician before making any big changes, especially if you have active disease, are on meds, or currently under care for anything.

Build Your Knowledge Continually

There’s just so much to learn about the human body that it’s impossible to ever get it all. Even the most renowned, intelligent doctors and scientists in the world don’t know everything. The key is to understand what your body needs and what it does not, so it can heal itself. Furthermore, being consistent with your plan and health procedures is how things get better over time.

One of the main things that trips up so many women is how to maintain their weight as they age. Again, we can understand the basics of eating clean and working out, however, as we age, ours needs change. This is primarily due to shifting hormones and brain chemicals. Food has the ability to heal or harm, depending on what stage of life you are in. Additionally, every woman is different, so you really can’t follow in someone’s footsteps completely and expect to get the same results.

I recommend learning as much as you can about your age group and specific health goals if you really want to make some progress. Furthermore, you could even get a certificate IV in weight management or train in an area that could benefit you, your family, and others.

Accept That Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish with your health, it will take time and consistent effort to achieve. There are, of course, things we can do to become stronger, feel better, and create change that might have fairly fast results. That said, long-term health and wellness take a lifetime of perseverance and dedication to love ourselves in beneficial ways.

I always recommend keeping a health diary to those trying to make healthful changes. This helps to keep track of symptoms, weight management, food intake, feelings, and so much more. You can look back anytime and see how things change over a period of time. The slight daily or weekly improvements might not be noticeable, otherwise.

Get Your Mind in a Good Place

The body is only one part of our being. We also need to consider our minds and our spirits in the battle for optimal health. If any of the three parts are out of balance, things can go downhill quickly. Unfortunately, the body usually takes the brunt of these imbalances first. Things like headaches, body aches, and weight changes are really just signs that something is wrong.

Fixing health issues is not a simple one-sided plan. We must balance our minds with self-care that makes sense for our lives. Being overly stressed and worried all the time will make even the healthiest woman sick. It’s important to be aware of mental and spiritual imbalances as soon as they show up so we can manage them promptly before we experience negative symptoms.

Bring Your Family on Your Health Journey

I know from experience that trying to get healthier all on your own is much harder than if you have someone on your side. Talking to your loved ones about your goals upfront will help them to understand how important it is to you. Though you can’t make people do what you’re doing, they may be inspired by your dedication and get on board. Children love to help and often get excited about new family projects…that is if you make it fun!

Choose activities that teach them about basic health practices but offer some type of reward for showing effort and making their own health improvements. How about a contest to see who can lose the most weight, eat healthier or get the strongest? Be creative with it and see how it helps you and others to stay motivated to make a healthful lifestyle a life-long thing.

**** This post is strictly informational and is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare provider. Women’s lifelink, it’s owners, administrators, contributors, affiliates, vendors, authors and editors do not claim that this information will diagnose, treat, or improve any condition or disease.

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