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4 Ways To Help Avoid A Cybersecurity Breach

Cybersecurity is not something to be ignored or taken for granted when it comes to your business or when using the internet from home. It’s important to understand how to protect yourself and your family, as well as your business from online hackers, criminals, and predators. In 2018 alone, hackers were able to steal over half a billion personal records. You should also know that nearly half of all attacks are targeted at small businesses. Here are some ways to help avoid a cybersecurity breach.

Limit Access to Confidential Data


The fewer people who have access to the most valuable data within your company, the better. Put a system in place that requires strict logins and records when any confidential data is looked at. If you only give top company employees this protocol, you know who is accessing it from within. Also, make sure to change the passwords and protocols when an employee who had access leaves the company.


Confidential data, whether personal or business-related, should be kept private and under tighter security. Put tough login passwords and have good firewall protection on your computers at home. Make sure the kids or other extended family members don’t know how to access any of your data either. This is even more necessary if you do business on the home computer.

Improve Your Business Cybersecurity System

Your cybersecurity system is one of the most important parts of keeping things out of the hands of cybercriminals. There are many types and grades of security systems out there, and you can read more here, just know it’s important to choose one that protects your particular business.

The level of defense you need greatly depends on what you’re securing, the size and scope of your business, and what type of digital transactions are done. I recommend getting advice from a professional IT company that specializes in cybersecurity solutions to help you set up your system. A pro will look at your current system and gauge how effectively it works and locate any vulnerabilities. They can also help you maintain and update it as needed.

Educate Yourself and Employees about Cybersecurity

Your employees have a responsibility to keep your business’s data safe while they are working. In many cases, it’s not just the company data but that of customers or clients too. It’s crucial to educate your employees about security protocols and any new cybersecurity scams that have entered the online world. I recommend subscribing to a blog or news cyber news agency that keeps up on the latest threats.

Have an Online Policy for the Company

An online policy is a powerful way to keep your staff in check with online activity. Have this in writing and displayed clearly around the office and on the WIFI when guests are logging onto it. This helps maintain consistent security and awareness of who is doing what. Should this policy be broken by any employee, you will know and be able to deal with it appropriately. Make sure they know about the consequences of breaking the rules in advance of online and computer use.



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