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4 Ways To Make A Big Statement With Jewelry

Wearing jewelry and accessories, in addition to fashionable clothes, is an excellent way to show off your personality and make a statement. Jewelry can be added to just about any outfit, and it can elevate what you’re wearing from something ordinary to unforgettable. If you want to make a statement with your jewelry, you can choose to do so in a variety of ways. First, consider what it is you’re feeling and what you want to convey to others. Are you feeling bold, edgy, flirty or soft and classy? Once you know what you want to say with your jewelry, it shouldn’t be too hard to find the right look! Here are a few ways to make a big statement with jewelry.

Go Big and Bold

When you want to make a “loud” statement and impact with your jewelry, choose pieces that are either bold in color, style, or size…or all three! Larger, bright necklaces or bracelets are more easily seen, making it hard for others to miss what you’re wearing and the personality you’re showing. Think large and over-the-top if you want to get some attention. However, when wearing a large statement piece, limit any other jewelry and accessories to avoid overdoing it.

Explore Different Types of Jewelry

Wearing various types of jewelry makes the statement that you are willing to try new things and aren’t afraid to be different. How about trying an anklet in the summer or with a dress? And have you seen those chainring/ bracelet combo pieces? These types of accessories are simply bolder because you don’t see them as often. 

Piercings are also a good opportunity to try out different types of jewelry. You could add an extra ear piercing or go bold with a nose or lip. Do what makes you feel good and beautiful! If you visit Urban Body Jewelry, you can explore some different options for facial and body piercings. Of course, these aren’t for everyone and all situations. They might not be suitable at work, but could be amazing anywhere else.

Make Something Yourself

DIY jewelry could be the way to go if you want to say something unique. I have this one necklace that I made with vintage jewelry pieces. Every time I wear it, I get compliments and noticed. I simply love the necklace and wasn’t going for that reaction, but I get it anyway. Give crafting a try and see what creation comes to life. 

Creating something all your own says you are willing to put yourself out there. It usually is also a sign of depth and sincerity. Not only that, but you are a creative person who’s willing to try something new. Be prepared for others asking if you can make them a special piece! 

Wear Jewelry that Literally Says Something

You could also wear jewelry that literally makes a statement in writing. Choose necklaces, bangles and other jewelry with text that says something you believe in or love. Explore ready-made jewelry for that special word or phrase. However, there is also the option of custom jewelry, which allows you to have something made that says something that’s personal to you. You could combine this with DIY jewelry and make something yourself.

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