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4 Ways To Support Women In Business

As a business executive or owner, you may be in a position to help other women achieve their dreams by offering support and mentorship. Of course, you want to hire the most qualified people of both genders. However, that doesn’t stop you from being creative and offering some unique ways to support women in business. Rather than “pulling the ladder up behind you” when you become successful, take action to help other women both within your company and in other areas. 

Support Women In Business #1: Diversify Your Hiring Process

Encourage women to apply to your company by posting ads that appeal to them. Use language that speaks directly to women and working moms. Things like flexible schedules, childcare assistance, and promoting from within will be positives for both men and women. However, having these things may be just what some women need in a company (see #2). 

Take a look at industry forums, recruitment articles, and a talent acquisition blog for tips on how you can improve your hiring practices. There are also ways to be more welcoming to all candidates and to make your recruitment process fairer. For example, removing names from applications will help you and your team to review them without bias. This will be especially helpful if others at your company want primarily men to be put into higher positions.

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Support Women In Business #2: Improve Work-life Balance for Employees

One of the best ways to support women in your business is to offer a more manageable work-life balance. While things are changing, it’s still often that women struggle to manage both career, family, and self-care. More flexible working hours and other benefits can help women to maintain a better work-life balance. Far from meaning women work less, it can help them be more engaged and fulfilled in their careers. Flexible working could include being allowed to come in a little earlier or later or leave at a different times.

Support Women In Business #3: Connect with Other Women-led Businesses

Networking with other women in business is an excellent way to help and support them. You might partner with other businesses to offer a deal on your products or services and to promote each other. You could also team up to put on an event or even do something for charity. Look for a local women’s business group that you can join to connect with others as well.

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Support Women In Business #4: Support Charities That Help Women

Another great way to support women, in general, is by taking a look at charities that help women and girls. They could be around the world or in your own backyard. There are several ways to lend your support to a charity, from sponsoring a fundraising event to donating products and services. Alternatively, you could consider starting your own charity or nonprofit project within your company.

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