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4 Ways Your Website Might Repel Customers

Achieving success in any business depends on giving customers and clients what they need and want. With more and more people using the Internet to buy products and services, it has never been more important to have a website that delivers a quality experience. If you’re not getting enough traffic, or web users are leaving before making a purchase or subscribing to your mailing list, there could be some fundamental flaws with your website. Here are some common ways your website might repel customers and some tips to ensure your site dazzles buyers every time. 

Your Site Is Not Mobile Friendly

Over 50% of web traffic is generated through mobile devices. If you have a website that isn’t mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on a large chunk of the market and playing into your competitors’ hands. Many people like to browse while they’re commuting or relaxing at home, and many of us prefer to use our phones to surf to save time and effort. Make sure all your web content is mobile-friendly and consider developing an app to promote your brand and make shopping even faster and easier. 

It’s Drab and Has Uninspiring Aesthetics

Human beings respond to visual stimuli and most people like to see pages that are eye-catching and alluring. If you’ve got dull backgrounds and pages of text, this isn’t going to inspire customers to buy, and it could also impact a buyer’s perception of your brand.

Think of your site as a shop window. Your homepage should intrigue and entice potential clients. Your landing pages should be interesting, informative and visually appealing. If you’re not experienced in development, get help from top web design agency experts. Humans take just 7 seconds to form an opinion, so it’s crucial your site looks the part. Match the theme and the vibe of the site to your brand and use images, clips and different fonts to convey brand messages and sell the benefits your company offers. 

The Buying Process Is Complex

We live in a world where instant results are the norm. If you choose to shop online, or you’re searching for contact details or customer reviews, time is usually of the essence. As a business owner, it’s critical that visitors can achieve their objectives with minimal hassle. If you run a store, for example, a client should be able to find an item, add it to their cart and make a payment within a couple of minutes. If the process is too long or complicated, people might lose interest and look elsewhere. You can speed up the process by offering repeat customers the chance to register and create an account and save delivery and payment details.

It Lacks Information

If customers have questions or queries about specific products or services, or they’re unsure how to complete an order, there’s a good chance that they will abandon their shopping cart. To reduce the risk of losing sales, provide informative content, ensure products are accompanied by detailed descriptions and offer customers the opportunity to get in touch with you. Having a live chat feature is an excellent idea.

A website can be an incredibly effective marketing and sales tool, but it can also harm your business. If your site isn’t delivering, and you’re keen to boost sales, consider these common errors and don’t be afraid to seek expert advice. 


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