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5 Habits Of Successful, Happy Lawyers

Being a lawyer is not only a potentially lucrative career but can also be quite fulfilling. That said, it is a competitive one that takes time to cultivate and see a return on the time and effort put in. I’m not trying to steer you away from this important career. I’m trying to tell you that there are plenty of women who are successful, happy lawyers.

If you’re considering a career in law, understand that everyone’s path is different and takes varying turns along the way. Do consider the following habits to adopt while you learn and after you start your practice. I looked for the following things when I needed to hire a lawyer for personal and business reasons. 

Stay Well-Informed and Are Knowledgeable

Successful lawyers know their stuff and the law in great detail. Successful, happy lawyers stay well-informed and knowledgeable, especially in their area of focus. Furthermore, the area of law isn’t the only thing they understand. They consider their market and demographics, for example, who, when, and why would someone want to hire them? Where do they live? Are they primarily women? How old are they? The more an attorney understands these details, the greater chance they have of creating successful relationships and outcomes for their clients. 

Build Networks

Another habit of successful, happy lawyers is that they spend time building their networks. They focus on creating pathways to meet and help new people all the time. They also don’t ignore the connections they have currently. Rock star lawyers never know when they’ll need to reach out to someone for a favor, input, or just to catch up and talk about legal matters. Happy lawyers also build a solid team they can trust and that helps them establish a good reputation in their community. 

Know When to Enlist Help and Seek Advice

Successful, happy lawyers also know when to enlist the right help and seek advice from others. In other words, they are not haughty know-it-alls. For example, a defense attorney wants to protect her client and best defend him in a federal case. She might contact a federal sentencing expert right away if it would help her case. She understands that there might be facts and information overlooked, otherwise.

Confidence Shows

Lawyers who are the most successful are confident in themselves and their abilities, and it shows. Of course, this might come into play with some types of law more than others, but it’s important for all, nevertheless. Women are more successful in any career when they consider building self-confidence a priority. Personally, I wouldn’t hire a lawyer that seemed passive or not sure of herself in conversation and behavior.

Disconnects and Embraces Self-Care

The most successful, happy lawyers out there also take good care of themselves. They achieve this by disconnecting from their emails, phones, and work matters every so often. The legal field can be tough and stressful, so proactively reducing and managing stress becomes a must to find peace and happiness. Things like exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep are ways for lawyers to care for themselves. Given an attorney’s need to connect to people, she needs to always be at her best, able to think clearly, and not allow distractions to get in her way. 

I hope this has helped you consider some important habits to adopt if you’re currently studying to become an attorney or have just started. These are also traits to look for things to ask if you are looking for a good lawyer to hire for business or personal matters. Good luck!

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