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4 Ways To Encourage Mental Well-Being In Your Home

If you haven’t thought about how your home environment affects your mindset, it could be time to do a check-in. The space in which we spend most of our time can either promote peace and mental well-being or the opposite negative feelings. Truthfully, if there are areas of your home that make you feel sad, angry, lost, tense, or not yourself, consider how you could change that.

Read on for some tips on creating a home environment that supports your mental well-being.

Keep It Tidy  

When you finish your work and come home, what do you see? Is it cluttered with toys, clothes, papers, and pet gear? If so, how do these things make you feel? Here’s the science: studies show that clutter increases cortisol, the stress hormone. The reason is that clutter disturbs the mind’s need to find balance and order, pulling it in many directions at once. This generates stress, and, subsequently, it increases the hormone in amounts that don’t serve our health.

Think about how you would like it to be. Envision the same space as a serene haven that you love spending time in. Let this vision take form with YOU in mind. What makes you happy and feel safe and warm? Also, letting go of things you don’t need or want has a way of releasing emotions that aren’t serving you. Go through your home and collect items that you are ready to let go of, and just do it!

Select Peaceful, Happy Color Schemes 

Did you choose the color scheme of your home because of interior décor trends, recommendations, or someone else’s opinion? If you did, no worries, but do consider if it’s you and how it makes you feel. Think about how you want to feel in each room of your home. Each room likely has a special purpose that brings about varying feelings.

Know that certain colors support greater mental well-being or productivity in different areas of the home. For example, blues and softer greens have a calming effect on the mind and are best used in bedrooms. Brighter colors like yellow and red are more lively and work better in the office or kitchen. They tend to stimulate the senses and boost productivity. 

Choose Décor That Reflects Who You Are

mental well-beingColor has an effect on your mental well-being, but so does the décor you choose. For instance, if you go with a busy design, it can affect the way you think and feel daily. An open design with fewer things can help you to feel freer and less burdened with things to clean. However, these choices are personal and need to reflect your personality and uniqueness.

If you are unsure which style to choose, why not hire an interior designer to guide you? This might be more expensive, but it will help you feel more confident, supporting mental well-being. This is especially wise if you want to experiment with things like faux finishing, wall panelling, and anything that requires construction. 

Consider Your Lifestyle  

Consider how you use each room before you invest in changing your décor or a remodeling project. First of all, do you have enough space in the home to do the things you love? If not, it might be time to convert a garage or attic space to increase the livable square footage. I’ve been so frustrated with rooms in the past that don’t live up to their potential. This is primarily because they either aren’t big enough or they have awkward layouts. Sometimes, you can make small changes to meet your needs, but not always. Another question: how are these dysfunctions affecting your mental well-being? I always say to focus on what you can do and not what you can’t.

Creating a peaceful home environment is an important way to balance your mental well-being. Not to mention it’s a simple way to be happier in general. I love making my home visually interesting and peaceful because that’s what makes me happy. The point is to create a home that you love and helps you feel your best mentally and physically.


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