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5 Life-Changing Reasons to Journal

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Journey to Journal and Journal to Journey


As a writer and Journey Coach, I will always advocate journaling as a way to express your innermost feelings and thoughts without fear of judgement or comments from others.  There is more to it than that though.  Because of our nature, we forget things…even important things that we should remember.  Profound moments happen all the time.  When we listen to our hearts and our ideas, we have the opportunity to take a souvenir from our Journey and continue on with it until it’s time to let it go.  Here are the top reasons I tell my coaching clients to journal on a regular basis.


1.  Journaling allows us continual access to thoughts and feelings from past moments that are significant.


2.  When you look back at what was important to you then, you can compare to the changes or similarities you are experiencing today.  I believe that true passion and purpose is revealed in seeing what doesn’t leave you over time.  Those driving forces have always been there and will continue to be there until your dreams and/or purpose shifts (more on that later).


3.  Journaling is a way to be accountable to yourself.  Writing down your vision and goals will increase your chances of accomplishing them.


4.  It is a true measure of self-growth.  You will reveal your authentic self in your writing if you’re honest and journal without inhibition…that’s the point, really.  Try it; it’s liberating!


5.  The information you put to paper or hard drive will be invaluable to you when you decide to write a book, a song, help someone else, teach, tell your grand-kids about your life, or simply revisit your life. 

Happy Journaling!

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!

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