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One White Duck

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Do you ever just see yourself, your life, and your future as being a part of one big scene of camouflaged wilderness?  You know…it all seems to blend in without uniqueness or boldness.  I had an experience as I was looking out on the lake last night, and I valued it so much, I thought it worthy of posting.  It’s extremely dark in the area where I live.  If it weren’t for the lights around the pool and clubhouse, you would barely be able to see anything.  However, lights from the apartment buildings reflect on the water just enough to enable you to see an occasional hungry fish jump for a bug or the young family of ducks wander the gamet of the lake until their mom calls them back.  Last night was especially dark, so I was a little bummed that I couldn’t see any of the usual wildlife in action.

And then, I saw him…or her.

A beautiful white duck swimming toward me.  I had not seen it before.  It wasn’t of the brown duck family.  It was the proverbial “sign” that suddenly gave me inspiration where there was none.

He continued to swim around for awhile, just long enough for me to “get it”.  I realized that I want to be the white duck in a pond of brown ones; that I want to stand out in contrast to the dark, muddy lake; that I CAN create a life that is extraordinary!  Yeah, all that from the appearance of…One White Duck.

It’s our responsibility to bring our uniqueness to the forefront; to allow others to glean from our brilliance and gifts; to make a statement loud enough to be heard from a distance; to shine in our darkness and that of others.

So, I ask you today: Are you living a “white duck” life?  Are you fulfilling the purpose of your special “contrast” to the world?

Tell us your “white duck” dream.

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!

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