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5 Red Flags Your Doctor May Not Be A Good Fit

Doctors are important on so many levels. They have to not only be knowledgeable but understand how to communicate effectively with patients. Having a lack in either area causes mistrust and even harmful mistakes. I, for one, have had many undesirable experiences with doctors over the years. This is primarily because I do my research first, so I know when someone is not being completely honest or is leaving out information. This is simply not acceptable to me. Therefore, I have actually fired a few along the way. If you don’t feel happy with your doctor, think about going your separate ways and finding someone who you truly feel comfortable with. Here are 5 Red Flags Your Doctor May Not Be A Good Fit.

Red Flags Your Doctor May Not Be A Good Fit #1: You Don’t Agree on Main Ideas

You don’t have to agree with your doctor on everything, but if you rarely see eye to eye with him or her on the main issues, you might not be a good fit for each other. For example, if you use alternative therapies like acupuncture alongside mainstream medicine, but your doctor does not support you, you have to wonder if you share the same overall goal of wellness. Just like anyone else, doctors have egos and they don’t like them to get bruised. If he or she can’t keep this in check, it could be time to search for alternative care.

Red Flags Your Doctor May Not Be A Good Fit #2: Ability and Experience is Questionable

Most medical centers, hospitals, etc., will use healthcare credentials contracting to check out the background of doctors, so it’s unlikely you’ll be dealing with an under qualified individual. However, it’s possible that he or she may not be experienced with your particular symptoms or illness. If your doctor wants to handle things on his or her own without consulting a specialist, you could be dealing with the ego thing. This is why I go into my doctor’s office completely prepared with knowledge and a plan. You have every right to question your doctor’s opinion at any time. 

Red Flags Your Doctor May Not Be A Good Fit #3: Lack of Clarity and Openess

Good doctors will always treat you like an intelligent adult. If your doctor orders various tests but tries to avoid telling you exactly why this could be another warning sign. You need to know every detail about your care and treatment before you agree to anything. Medical care, tests, and medicine are all expensive enough without doing things you don’t need to. Ask questions and don’t be shy if you don’t like the answers you’re getting.

Red Flags Your Doctor May Not Be A Good Fit #4: He or She Doesn’t Listen

Is there anything worse than a doctor who just doesn’t listen to what you have to say? No, I don’t believe there is. This is something that I won’t tolerate at all! In fact, I recently fired a neurologist for this very reason. If your doctor dismisses your concerns and implies he or she knows how you feel and what your need, it’s a sure sign there could be other agendas at play. You deserve to be heard by all healthcare professionals. 

Red Flags Your Doctor May Not Be A Good Fit #5: No Collaboration

Your primary physician should take an active role in your health, and that may include collaborating with other doctors and medical professionals. If your doctor refuses to refer or consult others, he or she may not have your best interest at heart. There should be one doctor to be a hub for all information concerning your health. This includes your history, medications, treatments, surgeries, prognosis, etc. Anything less than this is not professional and could cause major life-threatening mistakes.

Have you ever fired your doctor? What made you move on?



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