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5 Savvy Ways To Dress To Impress At Work

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Whether we want to judge others or be judged by appearance, it happens. One of the places it happens the most is the workplace. Yes, your boss or prospective clients are checking out how you look and sizing you up based on what they see. You’ve got their full attention, why not take this opportunity to dress to impress? Your choices could play a huge role in whether you get a raise, a promotion, or any other brownie points at work. Here are 5 savvy tips to bring your look up to fabulous and get you noticed in a good way on the job!

Dress To Impress Tip #1: Know the Formality

Many businesses allow you to wear what you like, but there are unwritten laws you should know. Let’s say you work for an accountant firm, and your boss is on the casual side.  You might want to dress down to blend in, but think about how your clients could take your underdressed image as unprofessional. This is a situation you should consider going against the boss. Similarly, you should be careful not to overdress. If your clients are artists or musicians, dressing in boardroom attire might make you seem less fun and creative. Know your clients and dress in a way that gains their trust and faith in your ability to serve them well.

Similarly, you should be careful not to overdress. If your clients are artists or musicians, dressing in boardroom attire might make you seem less fun and creative. Know your clients and dress in a way that gains their trust and faith in your ability to serve them well.

Dress To Impress Tip #2: Personalize Uniforms If You Can

Many companies require you to wear a uniform. And, though, this can put a damper on your personal style, it puts you on an even playing field with your co-workers. That said, if at all possible, try to find subtle ways to personalize your look. This can be done with jewelry, glasses, shoes, scarf, hairstyle, or jackets if allowed. Any uniform can be made more pleasant and appealing to wear.

Check your company’s rules before you decide to go crazy on uniform transformation. If you are in the medical field,  browse koi scrubs for some of the latest looks in the industry. There are many uniform companies out there that pay attention to fashion trends. If your boss is open, make some style suggestions that make sense for the company. You might even get some of those brownie points for being creative and trying to make things better.

Dress To Impress Tip #3: Make Sure Your Clothes Fit Well

Well-tailored suits and dresses always look better and more professional. Even if you don’t plan to spend extra money on a tailor, you can choose clothes off the rack that fit properly. Ladies, just because you have a killer body doesn’t mean you have to show it off at work. Choose stylish ensembles that flatter your figure but watch out for too-tight dresses and sweaters.

Additionally, baggy clothes can make you look frumpy and much heavier than you really are. Your outfits should hug in all the right places without being restrictive or hang too far away from your body. If you’re not sure what is appropriate, ask a trusted friend or co-worker to help you next time you go shopping.

Dress To Impress Tip #4: Wear a Watch, Do Your Nails and Polish Your Shoes

Interestingly, these three are the most often noticed things about someone’s appearance. Employers and, basically everyone you meet, look at the state of your hands and feet. Clean shoes and fingernails show that you take pride in your appearance.  One of the best accessories you can wear is a watch. It shows an employer or client that time is an important factor to you. 

Dress To Impress Tip #5: Don’t Dress Too Sexy

We’ve all heard stories of women dressing sexy for an interview in order to improve their chances of getting the job or luring in clients by dressing seductively. While this may have worked in the past, most people now see it as inappropriate. I’m sure that rockin’ bod of yours begs to be seen, but keep in check for the workplace. Save your body-con dresses for the club or dates. Again, find well-fitting clothes that flatter but don’t draw unwanted attention.

(Notice the woman in the image to the left; she looks professional, sexy, and badass in her purple dress without showing too much.) Be confident and bold but professional…always. 

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