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5 things Women Think About More Than You Think

Women are complex characters… or are we, really? Regardless of the truth of this statement, we usually follow a couple simple things: We all want health and happiness. And, we want to feel secure and needed. Most of us, if not all of us, want to feel loved and valued. Not so complex, after all. If you are honest, you will admit that the 5 things I’m about to share with you have crossed your mind on more than one occasion. And, to peel away any mystery or self-proclaimed complexity, all of these things are really about health, happiness, security, and being needed. Tell me what you think…

Their chosen career

career-516949_640A career isn’t the be all and end all for every woman. But for a fair few among us, it’s incredibly important. Years ago women were seen as only homemakers and mothers. It was unheard of for a woman to hold a top job in a leading national company or have her own business. That was for the men. But fast-forward to today’s society: more and more women are out there doing their thing. Might I add…and doing a fantastic job of it as well.

I appreciate that the fancy job in the corner office isn’t for every woman out there. But it can be a big ambition for some of us. I’m going to hazard a guess that at some point every woman will have thought about their working life. Whether that was in the way of a career path or just a job to pay the bills

What’s amazing about today is that the sky’s the limit now for us. No longer are we restricted to administration roles or answering the telephone. Women make big and powerful decisions all the time. I think it’s a fair judgment to make that many of us will have thought about the career we want at some point.

Cosmetic enhancement

adult-18792_640Have you ever looked in the mirror at yourself and just muttered the words “If I could just change this” “If only they were smaller or bigger”? No matter whether you are the most confident person we can all feel insecure by the way we look. For some women, cosmetic enhancement is something they consider and, for others, it might just be a passing thought. But I’m going to put it out there and say that I reckon most women will have thought about it at some point. And why wouldn’t you? We are all told to value who we are as individuals, yet, we are mostly bombarded with feelings of inadequacy or a desire to look different…courtesy of our culture.

Cosmetic enhancement doesn’t need to be plastic surgery. There are many non-invasive procedures nowadays. Making it a viable choice for many women who would like to take control of the situation. Places like an aesthetic clinic are always best placed to offer advice and information.

Don’t send me hate mail…I’m not saying that all women want to change the way they look or that they should. We should all be happy in our own skin and accept that each of us is different. But we also have a right to choose what is best for ourselves. So, my point being: I just guess that most women will have at least thought about it at some point. Am I right?

If and when to start a family

baby-1150109_640The big, “Are you ready for children?” is there for most women who have not already dove in. And for those who have, the question is: “Should I have more children?” Not all of us are able to hear clearly  on this matter. I think this may be because there are so many deciding factors when it comes to having a baby and starting a family. You have to consider your relationship, the place you live, your finances. It’s like a never-ending list of criteria before you can go ahead and start trying.

Most women think about it, though. Some like to have the life plan and know when they would like to settle down and begin this new chapter of their lives. Some like to prepare as much as possible. Other women may think about it but for other reasons. Perhaps because they have no desire to become a mother. It’s a very personal choice to make. Society would dictate that every woman would want to start a family and become a mom. But some women just don’t have that maternal desire, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Whether you think about it now, before starting a career or when you fall in love. The “if” and “when” question will be in the back of your mind. At some point.

Weight loss or weight gain

belly-2473_640We’re back in front of that mirror again…damn. Only this time our attentions have turned to our weight. I suppose that all of us, at some point in our lives or in the future, will think about our weight. This might be due to losing too much, and we then become worried about our weight loss. Or perhaps we enjoyed the holidays a little too much, and we have put on a few extra pounds. Holiday weight…it happens. 

Depending on where those thoughts lead, we either take action or we don’t.  Some of us decide to try one diet after another. Others are a little more relaxed about it. Whether you think about it in a positive or a negative way, women do think about their weight…a lot.

Their fitness journey

bicycling-1160860_640Not all women sit around obsessing over their fitness journey. But, I’m guessing that most do consider it, even if it’s just to admire someone else who seems to flow right though her workouts with ease and joy.  Unfortunately, this might also evoke feelings and thoughts of inadequacy before a get up and go resolute. But, by God, we are either thinking about it or trying not to think about it. LOL.

Here is my two cents: Increasing the amount of exercise you do can have major effects on your life. It can improve your mood and mindset for one. Creating a more positive outlook on life. Fitness can increase your energy levels. Leaving you feeling less fatigued. It can work wonders for your image. Be that in weight loss, toned muscles or just a lovely skin glow.

We may all have similar thoughts as women, but, obviously, no one is like you. Some strive to be mothers, make a home and take care of the family. Others may want to be the next President of the United States. Some women exercise every day; others are happy with their lady lumps. We may all think about some of the same things, but we must celebrate who we are and what we are all about! Cheers to you, beautiful woman!

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