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5 Tips To Get More From A Direct Or Email Campaign

Are you planning your next email or direct mail campaign? Perhaps you’re not sure which kind of campaign is right for your business, or whether it will work after having little success with it in the past. Here, we’re going to discuss how you can get real results from your next attempt, so you avoid wasting valuable time, money, and resources. Read on to learn more:

Define Your Target Market 

Before you run any email campaign, it’s important to build a tailored audience. Identify who you believe needs your products and services and will be the most receptive. This is determined by looking at marketing research for a particular product or group of people. Focus on age, gender, interests, location, and buying habits. For example, if you sell cosmetics, you wouldn’t want to target men. Creating a few consumer profiles will give you a better idea of how to communicate with your target audience. 

Code Your Responses

When you code your responses, you’ll be able to run your campaign so much easier. Codes help you figure out which mailing a lead or sale has come from. By assigning each campaign with a batch number, you’ll design better future campaigns and more from your current one. 

Measure Your Campaign Results

Your campaigns need to be tested and tracked so you can learn from any mistakes you’ve made and move forward with the things you have done correctly.  Did your sales increase? Did you drive new leads to your sales team? Did you see an increase in site registrations? These are the sort of questions you need to ask when trying to figure out if your campaigns have been successful. This goes for both email and direct mail campaigns.

Personalize Email and Mail

People are bombarded with generic advertisements on the web, phone, at home, and in their email. One of the best things you can do to get results is personalizing your email campaigns. Address each customer by name and they will more likely read what you send them via direct mail or in their inbox. This is really simple psychology that for some reason works.

If you can, go further and actually personalize the content of the mail. This is much more easily done via email than direct mail. Many programs will insert the recipient’s name in several places throughout the email. In the short term, intelligent personalization of your mailing can improve response rates. Targeted direct mail campaigns that have been carefully personalized will help you to attract the people you want and get the customers you desire. 

Get Creative With Your Campaigns

Creative direct or email campaigns get more attention, period. Have you ever received a letter or email that had a quirky or fun greeting or appearance and just had to open it? Yeah, me too. How can you come up with an innovative approach to a direct or email campaign that will have the desired impact on your audience? Have a little fun when you come up with your greetings, content, and campaign theme. Aim to differentiate yourself as much as possible from other campaigns out there. This is your chance to get people excited about your brand and interested in your unique products and services.

Getting results from your direct or email campaign may be a trial and error process. However, I do believe these few tricks will help you move forward faster. 


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