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5 Ways You Can Positively Change Your Life For The Better

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Life is a funny old thing. All that we perceive as good or bad, up or down can seem like a roller coaster ride. Many of us don’t want to wallow in the negative parts. We want to grow and learn from those things as quickly as possible. However, for many, those times can feel overwhelming and beyond their capability to overcome. What may seem like a small issue to one person, could be a big mountain to climb for someone else.

Regardless of where you are in your life, there are some positive changes to make. This could be tackling a particular issue, improving your health or looking to the future. I hope it inspires you in some way to take a look at your life right now.

Combating debt problems head on

mountain-climbing-802099_640Debt can be a crippling thing to live with. It’s one of those things that can spiral out of control quickly before you even realize there is a problem. You can get into debt for a variety of reasons. It could be a change of income due to a job loss. It might be simply the cost of living has risen over the years and you are living beyond your means. These situations are not created on purpose but, nevertheless, can cause you financial strain. 

However, you can fight back, but you have to tackle it head on. You have to know exactly where you are financially if you want to set a course for somewhere better. It might be hard to look at, but your future depends on it.

Once you know where you stand financially, set a budget you can stick to. Be accountable to someone, too. Husband, wife, partner, parents, financial planner, etc. There are plenty of resources online on websites like https://www.budgetpulse.com to help you out. Seek guidance and advice from financial planners or your bank. They may be able to offer solutions to help reduce your monthly outgo. Getting out of debt will have such a positive impact on your life. Just think about all those wonderful things you will be able to do with the money you free up!

Getting a handle on addictions 

So many people today struggle with some form of addiction or substance abuse. Though there are a plethora of things a human being can be addicted to, the most commonly known substances are alcohol and drugs. What starts out as completely harmless, can turn into something more serious. Take drinking; you may just enjoy a glass of wine at night, but that glass of wine could then turn into an every night thing. That one glass of wine then turns into a whole bottle. This is when things could get a little serious. What started as social drinking or a “wind down drink” could turn into an alcohol addiction.

Usually, substance abuse happens when you are struggling with something else. It’s a way of dealing with physical or emotional pain, getting relief from boredom or blocking something traumatic from your memory. We should always be aware of our use of alcohol or drugs and not ignore any triggers that could lead us down a dark path. We are our best advocates for health and balance and can stop ourselves before anything goes too far. Alternatively, advice like this from ARCProject.org.uk could help give clarity and solutions. 

Start a More Healthful Lifestyle

apples-490474_640How about looking at your lifestyle in general and changing it completely? You may exist on a diet of hamburgers and fries, perhaps drink a little too much on a weekend. You would rather eat worms than exercise…sound familiar? I hope not, but I know there are many women who live like this. Not to worry, you can change it all for the better!

Changing your lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to go on some extreme diet and go to the gym every day. It’s about making small positive changes that create progress. It’s simple changes like drinking 8 glasses of water each day. It’s about eating a healthy balanced diet instead of only on occasion…like eating enough fruits and vegetables daily but still allowing yourself to have a treat now and then. It’s being active your way, every day. No marathons are necessary… unless you think they are. Any step you take toward health will make your life better.

Consider your future

When was the last time you thought about your future?  While I agree that living in the moment, the now is important, there is wisdom in being prepared for things like retirement and how you want to live out the rest of your life. So this means having a plan when it comes to your future finances and living arrangements.

So you might want to put the wheels in motion for retirement and long term investing. It might mean creating a little bucket list. This will allow you to be mindful of all the things you want to do, experience and see before time escapes you. I think it’s exciting to think about that next chapter in your life and the opportunities it will bring. Being prepared with a plan will have a positive impact on your life and it will help you to stay on track with future goals and dreams! 

Get a great support network around you

life-1426252_640We all need support. And, it’s not just for when bad things happen. Sharing life with others, including the happy times, is a necessary part of being a healthy human being. Isolating yourself and being inactive socially can have detrimental consequences on your emotional and even physical well-being. This support can be whatever you want it to be and come from any source that you see fit for your life. Social media groups, spiritual organizations, clubs, and even neighborhood gatherings are places to connect with others.  Surrounding yourself with positive people and influences will change your life for the better. 

Also, just as positive support can help you, negative people can bring you down. As you fill your life with the kind of support that brings happiness and balance to your life, try to let go of non-serving situations and people. I know this can be hard, but it’s worth it.

I hope this has inspired you to think about your life and what positive changes you can make to have a better one.

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