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Increase Online Security For Business

5 Ways To Increase Online Security For Business

According to Fortune.com, cyber attacks in 2021 surpassed totals for 2020 by 17% in October of this year. Unfortunately, this concerning trend seems to be a precedent for the coming months and years as our world falls deeper into an unstable state. Data breaches can affect many areas of our lives, including our personal and business finances. Furthermore, our complete identities are also at risk when you consider the information hackers can obtain through these mass data violations .

For example, in healthcare, industry-specific attacks and stolen credentials contribute to more data breaches. Specifically, during the pandemic, COVID-19 facilitates and related businesses doing remote work fell prey to cyber-attacks, creating an increased need for quality cybersecurity risk mitigation strategies. Consider that normally businesses can be vulnerable to savvy attacks, but now they are even more unsafe due to infrastructure weaknesses and the shuffling of personnel and records. These numbers are compelling and suggest that going beyond off-the-shelf anti-malware is a good idea. Here are some ways to increase online security for your business.

Online Security Consultancy

Increasing cyber threats make it more and more important to consider your business’s online security to the point of getting some extra help. For example, security operation centers such as Sapphire offer top-level capabilities. Providers of this kind typically strategize high-level security measures that prevent breaches from occurring, and response measures for when they do.

Employee Security Training

Increase Online Security For BusinessIt’s advised to educate your employees on cyber security as well as have protocols in place in the event of a cyber attack. Additionally, you’ll want to have a security plan that protects your employees from online threats as they are in your employ.  Make sure your employees are aware of the following issues:

  • Handling sensitive data 
  • Spotting fake communications
  • Identification verification

The early days of hacking were characterized by social engineering. Despite this, the approach remains commonplace today. However, texts and emails make it easier than calling, so regular training sessions are advised for ongoing protection. 

Increased Identity Verification

Most large tech companies have now reconfigured their access systems to include better security due to the prevalence of data breaches and identity theft. Multi-factor authentication is one of these added security measures. Because multi-factor authentication requires more than one information item for a login, it is a robust security measure. For instance, MFA requires entering a numerical code to log in to a site. The code is sent by SMS to a verified phone or by email. This extra measure makes a world of difference in terms of security.

Use Work-Only Encrypted Devices

Many employees use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops for work. As a result of their sensitive nature, malicious hackers often target official devices. Therefore, I recommend training your employees in security and how to use encrypted devices. Furthermore, using personal devices for official communication is a massive security risk for your company and your employees. Make sure your guidelines for device use are clear and enforced. Remember, malicious hackers often target personal devices to gain access to secure systems for data theft. Data is then sold on the dark web.

Outsource Managed IT

An outsourced industry that is similar to online security is IT. When your floor space is limited, your budget is restricted, or you need to boost security, outsourcing IT is necessary. Professional managed IT services ensure that every aspect of your IT system is managed effectively. Their services include cloud migration, software backups and updates, and network administration. In addition, most also specialize in cyber security. An IT company that provides managed services will monitor for breaches and act accordingly, even if it’s not as comprehensive as a full-scale security service.


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