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5 Ways To Promote Office Productivity With Design Elements

Productivity is an extremely important thing for an entrepreneur. It’s about getting the best results, fast, efficiently, and within a budget. In order to achieve maximum productivity in an office setting, consider the atmosphere, design, and how comfortable you and your staff feel. Truthfully, there are likely things that could easily be fine-tuned or shifted to create a more satisfying and productive space for everyone. Here are a few simple ways to promote office productivity with design elements.

Keep Decor Minimal

If you want to create a productivity boosting office, one key is to keep the decor and design minimal and clean. A cluttered office that’s crowded with unnecessary items, can actually cause stress and prevent efficient production. Furthermore, things collect dust, and dust can cause illness and allergies. Not to mention how a crowded office can be dangerous and promote accidents and injuries.

What to Do

Start by decluttering anything that is not a necessary part of your everyday functions. You can store back stock and things that aren’t used often in a closet, shelf, or storeroom.

Choose storage options that work for the flow of the office and your staff. Using cabinets that close and shelving with baskets or containers to hide clutter helps to create a clean look and feel. If you are privy to lean principles, use these to organize your office and ensure time and resources aren’t being wasted. 

Use Pleasant Color Schemes

Decorate your office space using pleasant shades that promote health, wellness, peace, and creativity. If you like bright colors, use them as pops throughout the office or in the artwork. Additionally, use artwork that inspires with motivational quotes or stunning photographs of the natural world. According to a study on Research Gate, the choice of colors in the workplace has a significant effect on “mood, emotion, well being, and performance.”

Use Natural Touches

The natural world boosts our endorphins and well being, which, in turn, enhances motivation and creative performance. Decorate your office space using elements of the natural world including plants, flowers, decorative stones, water features, and use of natural light.

One study on Science Daily.com reported that the use of plants significantly boosts the productivity of staff in a work setting. This makes sense, as it promotes the feelings of being free in an outdoor environment. Plants do help to clean the air of impurities as well.

Use Ergonomic Furniture

In the name of health and safety, consider using ergonomic chairs in the office. These chairs are specially designed to support the natural curve of the spine. Ergonomic chairs help prevent back and neck injuries that can stem from sitting down for long periods of time.

To enhance the benefits of specialized chairs, it’s also important to set desktop computer monitors at the correct height. The top of the screen should always be level with your eyes and the computer should be positioned at arm’s length.

Do a Safety Assessment of Space

It’s important to understand where the risk of injury lies in your office. Do a walkthrough of the premises to determine if there are any weak spots. Also, ask your staff about how they feel in the space, especially at their work stations. Are they in pain at work? Are there areas that could be improved?

Many people wrongly believe that it’s only construction or industrial jobs that are risky in terms of injuries. According to Aftermath, “Each year, musculoskeletal disorders (resulting from ergonomically incorrect furniture) account for more than $15 billion in workers’ compensation costs.” Do this as soon as possible because you don’t want your employees to get hurt at work and start researchingwhat is a personal injury lawyer?” Remember, prevention is way better than losing productivity, money, time, and employees from a poor work environment.

Create Collaborative Spaces

According to Bit. AI, “86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.” This is why it’s important to design workplaces that are suitable for collaboration. Create areas where employees can work easily in groups, and think about collaboration when you are designing your meeting rooms. Open-plan spaces are all the rage, but it’s also good to design private rooms where teams can work away from the buzz of the main office.

With the right office space design, you can certainly boost productivity and increase safety and wellness. As well as increasing office function, you will also improve the perception of your brand to your staff and visitors. Both of these things are extremely important to the efficiency and success of an office and business.


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