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6 Areas To Focus On To Look And Feel Younger

With the beauty industry tipping the scales at a global value of over 550 billion, it’s no joke that women spend some big bucks to look and feel younger. And, I’m sure that this phenomenon is not all a natural, human desire to beat the aging game. Businesses, stores, beauty industry giants, and advertisers also spend billions to make sure we feel just bad enough about ourselves to do anything to change things. Right or wrong, it’s happening all around us, and we are biting the tasty bait. All that said, if you want to get your money’s worth and make the most impact on how you look and feel, here are some areas to focus on.

#1: Your Hair

Whether you like it not, your hair will show signs of aging, especially around the time perimenopause starts. When our hormones shift, our hair can get weak, fine, and even begin to thin out. Though there may not be anything to stop this completely, you can take better care of it while it’s in this sensitive state. Minimize heat, excessive washing, damaging processing like straightening, bleaching, and perming. Even simple things like being more gentle when you wash, brush, and dry can help you have healthy and shiny hair.

Also, if you’re experiencing hair loss, it is important to keep an eye on it and discuss it with your doctor if it persists or gets worse. There are some promising treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP for hair loss), micro-needling, hair regrowth products, and other professional treatments. Make sure to research each product, process, and company before you invest money and time. And, always consult your physician before using anything with chemicals or drugs.

#2: Your Skin

I believe most women would consider their faces one of the most important areas to keep healthy and young-looking. This is one that I share a lot about because quality skincare does work and can make a difference in how a woman looks and feels about herself. The key here is to find a product line that works for you and keep using it for the rest of your life. And, you better be using a daily sun protection product!

Another thing that helps keep skin looking young is taking supplements that target skin health. Vitamin C can help to reduce flaky skin, as well as keep it clear. There are also some combo supplements that help with skin, nails, and hair.

Though I am not an advocate for drastic cosmetic surgery, I do believe that some women can greatly benefit from minor procedures like botox for lip wrinkles, peels, collagen injections, etc. This, of course, is a personal choice and one that normally comes with a hefty price tag and potential side effects. Consider carefully what you’re willing to do to look younger.

#3: Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are one of those facial features that can make your face look younger or, unfortunately, older. Fuller, more natural-looking eyebrows are synonymous with youth and being carefree. Though you may not be able to bring back the exact look you had in your teens, you can take care of what you’ve got. First of all, don’t over-pluck or wax your brows. In fact, for a more youthful look, try to let them grow out some before doing any shaping work. I recommend having a pro reshape them to get a nice template you can keep up. Enhance them with an eyebrow product that matches your natural color. 

#4: Your Hands

Truthfully, your hands are one of the areas that can show age the most. Dry, wrinkled, over-tanned, and unkempt nails actually can make you look older than you are. Just as with the skin on your face, hands are exposed to the elements and require some extra attention to stay healthy. Use quality products that exfoliate dead skin cells, moisturize, and protect your hands.

 #5: Your Eyes

The skin under your eyes is extremely thin and very sensitive, which increases the chance of getting wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines. I recommend using a specific eye cream that concentrates on this delicate skin. As far as your actual eyes, do care for them by using non-toxic products that won’t irritate them. If they are naturally dry or red, use eye drops to moisturize and keep them clear.

#6: Your Smile

Your teeth and smile are a vital part of your face and, therefore, need to be optimally cared for if you want to look and feel younger. Of course, you’ll want to do all the basic oral care daily but do also treat yourself to teeth whitening as you can. This goes double for all you coffee, red wine, and cola drinkers. See your dentist for those check-ups and pro cleanings, too!



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