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6 Good Signs It May Be Time To Get Married

Most people want to find that special someone in life. But how do you know you’ve found the right person? And, when you think you do, when is a good time to make a commitment such as marriage? These are tough questions. Most of us have multiple relationships throughout our lives, so when somebody comes along and stands out of the pack to the point where they could be “the one,” it can seem rare. In this post, we will take a look at some of the signs that you may be ready to get married to your significant other. 

You’re Planning for Marriage, Not Just the Wedding

Couples who spend a lot of time thinking about the wedding may forget to focus on the actual relationship. In the midst of preparing for your special day, make sure to connect as a couple. Ask yourselves what the motive for getting married is at the present moment. Do you both understand that the wedding is just a small and probably a quite insignificant aspect of the entire commitment process? If you’re talking about marriage and not just the wedding, and what it will entail, it shows you’re making a plan and care about the future. You’re preparing yourself for a life of responsibility and selflessness toward another person. 

You Were Happy Before Coupling

While some high school sweethearts make it work without the experience of living as adults alone, most don’t. A successful and healthy coupling happens more often when the individuals learn to love their own company before they join with another. Successful marriages involve people who are happy in their own lives and simply expand that joy to a partner not expecting them to fix something. 

You’re Not Trying to Change Each Other

Trying to change somebody rarely works for any relationship, let alone a long-term romantic one. At most, all that you can do is bring out the best in someone by being yourself. If they want to make life changes, that choice is all on them. This type of acceptance and support shows that you’re accepting of who they are right now. It also indicates that conflict will likely be minimal. If you’re fundamentally happy with who your partner is, you both are far more likely to live happily and find more ways to connect over the years.

You Want to Serve Each Other

Serving your partner might sound old-fashioned, but it’s important. Couples who mutually serve each other get the most satisfaction and joy from their relationships. There are many ways to do something for each other, from supporting hobbies, creating together, and knowing your loved one’s favorite things.  Perhaps you’ve considered looking at custom jewellers to find just the right wedding rings. This is a sign that you want every aspect of your lives together to be unique and heartfelt. You can also do little things, like hug them when they feel bad or show them your support when they go for a new job. 

You’re Making Long-Term Plans Together

If you’re making long-term plans with your partner, it’s another good sign that you’re preparing to be together for the long haul. You’re thinking beyond the next date night and even the wedding. Some examples of plans might be purchasing a home, having children, going on vacations, supporting the other while he/she goes to school, and even getting a pet.

You Trust Each Other

Getting into a relationship with someone you trust is one of the most incredible feelings you can have. This isn’t just about cheating either, it’s much more than that. You need to trust each other about money, health, communication openness, friends, and family. On the other hand, if trust is shaky for either one of you, trouble is likely ahead. Having frequent check-ins about all of these things will help you to know just how much you can count on each other and trust that you are both safe together.


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