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6 Natural Ways To Enhance Your Well-Being

Health is so much more than presenting a certain number on the scale or being able to run a marathon. Don’t get me wrong, weight, diet, and exercise are all significantly important, but there are other things to consider. The mind and spirit are also greatly important where health is concerned. I know I harp a lot about diet, exercise, and supplements, but today I want to talk about some other simple things you can do to enhance your well-being. 

Enhance Your Well-Being #1: Meditate

Meditation has been shown to reduce blood pressure, help anxiety and promote clearer thinking among other physical and emotional benefits. If you’re new to meditation, it can be helpful to listen to a guided recording at first. Keep in mind, this type of personal care is just that…personal. This means that you must experiment and find the method that works for you. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t seem to be working out well. It takes some practice and dedication to find your sweet spot. Keep up the practice even if you can only dedicate a short amount of time to it.

Enhance Your Well-Being #2: Practice Yoga

Yoga is good for both mind and body. As well as toning muscles, improving flexibility and range of motion, it teaches awareness which reduces anxiety, improves depression and promotes feelings of well-being. Yoga is suitable for all fitness levels and ages since it has a range of difficulty from beginner to expert. Start with a video or fitness app to see how you like it. If you find it beneficial, consider attending a class or private lessons.

Enhance Your Well-Being #3: Journal

The source of stress, anxieties and worries aren’t always in the conscious mind, meaning your mental health and well-being can go down without you even knowing it. Getting in touch with deep emotions and reactions can help to uncover trouble areas before they affect your life in a negative way.  Journaling is a perfect way to process what comes up when you ask yourself probing questions.

The act of writing things out is a form of intention that brings about new positive energy as well as a more defined direction. It can lead to quality decisions and new goals that could literally change your life.  Choose a journal method that makes you feel creative and happy. I like to have lined paper in addition to unlined for doodling and sketching. 

Enhance Your Well-Being #4: Use Crystals

Crystals are thought to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing by positively interacting with your body’s energy field. Different crystals have various energies and uses, so it pays to do a little research about them. You can easily keep crystals in your home, carry one in your pocket, and even wear your favorite crystals in spiritual necklaces or bracelets. Personally, I do all of the above. 

Enhance Your Well-Being #5: Take a Hot Bath

Self-care and relaxation are so important to our general well-being. Simply taking a hot bath or shower can bring you down from a tough day. The hot water helps to ease tense muscles, reduces blood pressure and provides and quiet and relaxing space for you to clear your head. To make it even more beneficial, consider investing in some essential oils for an aromatherapy experience. 

Enhance Your Well-Being #6: Connect with Others

Emotional and social needs can easily be overlooked in this modern chaotic world in which we live. But as humans, we need to feel valued, accepted and loved to experience true well-being. We are social creatures who need intellectual stimulation, touch, and support. Make an effort to reach out to friends and family often to stay connected and in optimal health.


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