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5 Doable Women’s Self-Care Actions

Whether you are in an active physical or mental health crisis or everything is right as rain, self-care is a key to living well and happy. Of course, every woman is different, but there are some basic actions that help to keep us feeling good about ourselves. These doable women’s self-care actions also help us to be productive and contribute to the world with our best selves.

Women’s Self-Care Actions #1: Practice It Consistently

Self-care doesn’t have to be spending piles of cash at the spa or a retreat. It really is what you do on a regular basis that makes a huge difference in your life. The simple things like taking care of your skin every day or clipping your toenails when they need it. How about resting after a long day at work or with the kids? When was the last time you had a day just for you? Additionally, doing self-care with your significant other can be a wonderful way to reconnect. Do some research online or you can visit this guide here for some ideas.

Women’s Self-Care Actions #2: Socialization

Depending on whether you are introverted or extraverted, you will have a varying need for social contact. However, humans need to be with other humans. It’s a pillar of not only our self-care but our existence itself. Denying yourself time with friends and family can have a negative impact on mental and physical health. Make an effort to reach out to loved ones frequently, even if it’s just a quick phone call or email. Try not to make social media your main source for socialization

Women’s Self-Care Actions #3: Love Yourself Inside and Out

I’ve never met a woman who didn’t have at least one thing about herself she didn’t like. Yeah, we can be really hard on ourselves. Though I am an advocate for loving ourselves the way we are, there are often things we just can’t live with. In these cases, changing something about yourself can have a positive impact on self-love and self-care.

For example, a woman who hates her body because she doesn’t feel feminine might benefit from breast augmentation surgery or some type of makeover. No matter what we decide to change or not change, remember to do it for you and not someone else. Try to make peace with who you are while you work toward your goals to be the best version of yourself.

Women’s Self-Care Actions #4: Put it on the Calendar

One thing I know for sure is if I don’t put self-care on the calendar it usually doesn’t happen. Sure, things like brushing my teeth and washing my face happen regularly because they are habits. More time-consuming things like exercise and meditation seem to get missed if I don’t plan them. I recommend keeping a calendar that outlines everything you want to accomplish in your day. Treat your self-care like an appointment you must keep.

Women’s Self-Care Actions #5: Have Dreams

Taking care of yourself is also about knowing yourself. What do you want out of your life? What things make you happy and put you at peace? When was the last time you focused on a dream? Maybe you don’t have huge dreams like becoming the president or starting a world organization, but that doesn’t matter. Any dream is worth pursuing. Perhaps you are a writer and have always wanted to start your own professional journal or publication. If so, you can visit this guide here for more information. See…that wasn’t rocket science. There is always something you can do to feed a life dream or goal. Remember, it’s caring for yourself when you care for a dream.



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