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6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney

Divorce is one of the toughest things anyone will ever go through. And it is even harder when there are kids involved. As difficult as the emotional part is, the logistics and legalities can be confusing and stressful. Having someone experienced in your corner to help with major decisions and negotiating is imperative for a successful outcome. I recommend you consider hiring a legal specialist that has experience in your type of case. Also, do your research and be sure before you move forward. Here are some questions to ask before hiring a divorce attorney.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney #1: What Does the Divorce Process Entail?

Unless you have gone through the process before, there is a good chance you have no idea what lies ahead. First of all, the divorce process varies from state to state and country to country. Additionally, the length of time is determined by the situation and how co-operative both parties are. A family law firm like petersmay.com will give you an estimate once they have done an evaluation of all the facts. This is important because it will help you plan for the future and know how the process is going to affect your day to day life.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney #2: What Is My Ultimate Goal?

Divorce can take on a life of its own. In other words, anger, frustration, and bitterness can cause you to say and do things you don’t mean. It’s important to know exactly what you want now and in your future. Remember, what you think and feel now may not be the case at all a year from now. Think through what best serves you and your family in this difficult time. If you are civil to one another, consider sitting down together and discussing the future. This will help to ease fear of the unknown and any misunderstandings that could create more drama than necessary.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney #3: Which Divorce Process Best Meets My Needs?

There are different options to consider where divorce is concerned. Though some people opt for a legal separation before a divorce, this isn’t always the case. And, believe it or not, some choose to remain in the same household through the entire process to save money. You have to decide what’s best for you and your family. An attorney will be a source of information and can even serve as a mediator should the need arise.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney #4: Does the Attorney Forecast a Positive Outcome?

Though there are never guarantees with any legal case, an attorney should be able to tell you what to expect based on his or her experience. The level of confidence you and your attorney have for a positive outcome is extremely important. Should things get ugly or a lawsuit develops, you want to know you have the best counsel in your court. 

Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney #5: What are the Costs?

This is one of the most difficult conversations you are going to have with an attorney. This process can be awkward for many people, but it has to be done prior to beginning. The attorney can’t tell you exactly how much time it will take but should have a ballpark estimate. If the costs are simply too much, do ask for advice about alternatives. You can also seek an attorney with lower fees. However, know that you pay for experience and quality. 

Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney #6: Have You Spoken to More Than One Attorney?

Deciding to divorce and executing it successfully requires a high level of confidence in your attorney. His or her skill, patience, and experience will not only help keep you moving forward but bring a positive outcome for you. I recommend talking to more than one attorney before you make your final decision.

Check online for a local directory and ask your friends and family for referrals as well. You should find that most lawyers will give you free a consultation and help you decide what type of case you have. You may even be able to find a firm that does online chats, as is the case with divorce attorneys in Columbus, OH. Do what makes you feel comfortable and think things through once you have all the facts.



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