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6 Tips For Looking Your Best In Photographs

Do you often hate the way you look in photographs? Do you find it difficult to look your best even when the conditions are perfect? Don’t fret, many women feel this way, and, it usually has nothing to do with how attractive they are. So much of looking great in photos is about the lighting and the positioning of your face and body. Furthermore, knowing how to get that perfect look every time is the key to getting results. And, it doesn’t hurt to choose a great place for family photos or those special individual shots. Here are a few tips to help you bring out your best in every photograph.

The Tongue Touch Trick

One of the most effective ways to achieve a better look, especially when you smile without showing your teeth is to use the tongue touch trick. Simply place your tongue on the roof of your mouth when you are smiling. By doing this, the muscles in your neck and face will tighten, creating a natural-looking smile. It will also help your neck look smoother and younger.

Find the Light

Often a simple shift toward a light source can make a huge difference in how a photo looks. Shadows and poor lighting can age you and create lines where there isn’t any. Lighting that comes from above is notorious for making you look older and even angry because it creates shadows below your eyes. I highly recommend that you experiment with lighting to see exactly what I mean by this. Find your best angles and try to duplicate this as much as you can.

Consider Your Gums and Teeth

Perhaps the reason you hate your smile in photographs is that you don’t like your teeth. It helps to know exactly how to achieve the best look you can with what you currently have. First, make sure you don’t have anything stuck in your teeth before you take a photo. If you simply don’t want to show your teeth, consider doing something about that. Even minor dental work can help you feel more confident all the time.

Having perfect teeth is important to many people, but there are various situations in which your natural pearly whites can be destroyed. For example, if you participate in sports that require you to wear a mouth guard or take certain medications that wear down your enamel. Even everyday habits like smoking or drinking coffee can damage your smile over time.

No matter what the reason behind your discolored and chipped teeth, you still want to look your best. Emergency dental surgery can help restore teeth damaged in accidents and strengthen teeth that have been weakened by medication or other detrimental effects, such as grinding and clenching. Additionally, some individuals find that having emergency dental treatment can actually improve their smiles.

For some people, a visit to the dentist after an accident is not a top priority. But ultimately, it will be worth it in the long run if you can get back your smile. You can easily find a range of tips and tricks for keeping up with your dental health. You should be able to find everything from getting your teeth white before an event to cosmetic work recovery time by visiting a quality dental blog or asking your dentist. Giving yourself another reason to smile will help you look radiant whenever a picture is taken.

Be Natural

When you pose for a photograph, smile gently so that you look natural and relaxed. I find it helps to consciously feel the emotion you are trying to convey. For example, if you’re taking a selfie for your partner. Think loving thoughts that bring on that sexy, sweet smile you would naturally have in his/her presence.

Again, this is accomplished so much more easily when you know what looks good. If you feel tension in your face, it will show. Don’t smile too hard, as this will look fake and posed. Whether you’re taking shots on holiday with your friends or a selfie, be yourself above all else.

Close Your Eyes Trick

One simple trick to achieve a natural smile and better eye contact is to close your eyes for a few seconds before you know the picture will be taken. When the picture is about to be taken, open your eyes slowly, and naturally draw up the corners of your mouth into a smile. This will ensure your smile does not seem overeager or forced, as it will reset any awkwardness you feel about taking a photo. It also helps you to pay better attention to your face, eyes, and smile. 

You have probably heard this phrase plenty of times before, and it is definitely the case when it comes to achieving the perfect smile in photographs. The more you practice, the better you will get at consistently creating your best look. Get in the mirror and practice various poses and facial expressions. This is how professional models learn how to look their best consistently. You will get a better understanding of what to do for impromptu selfies and those taken by others. It could also help to work with someone who has a good eye for balance and what looks pleasing.



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