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6 Tips To Get A Smaller Waist With A Corset

When it comes to losing weight and getting a small waistline, know that there are many ways that do produce results. Some are more prevalent and some are obscure and considered alternative. That said, each woman has to find what works for her, and, hopefully, choose safe and healthful actions. One method that is rapidly gaining prominence is corset waist training. I’ve seen videos on social media that show women wearing modern versions of corsets that, apparently, train the waist and help to eliminate fat. Today, we will discuss some tips for getting a smaller waist with a corset.

Get a Smaller Waist with a Corset #1: How It Works

The concept of training your waist involves donning a corset for a specified amount of time daily. However, one common misconception among women is that using a corset is a quick fix. Do not buy a corset thinking that your waist size will reduce magically overnight. Just like any activity or method to lose weight, it takes a commitment to achieve results.

With the right conditions, the corset is meant to accelerate the weight loss process by triggering thermogenic activity. Achieving the desired amount of constriction around your middle also helps to control appetite.  Additionally, many women love the smooth, slimmer look that happens when they wear the corset daily.

Get a Smaller Waist with a Corset #2: Get the Right Size

Buying the right sized weight loss steel boned corsets is the determining factor in achieving the results you want. Poor fitting corsets are uncomfortable, making it nearly impossible to wear for the prescribed hours. Ultimately, this could lead to poor results and could also be detrimental to your health.

Get a Smaller Waist with a Corset #3: Stick to the Product Seasoning Schedule

Seasoning is the process of breaking in your corset. The steel bones located in the fabric need to mold to the natural shape of your body to be the most effective. You may be tempted to wear the steel boned corset all day. However, this negates the purpose of proper product seasoning. Forcing the corset to bend too soon can warp and damage the boning structure. When you first get your corset, lace it loosely and make sure that you can breathe with ease. Let your body naturally adjust to the intensity of the corset and gradually increase the hours according to the instructions and recommended schedule.

Get a Smaller Waist with a Corset #4: Eat for Health and Hydrate

As with other weight loss methods, the importance of eating right and keeping your body hydrated cannot be ignored. To make sure that the corset is doing its job, you will need to trigger your metabolism. Keep your metabolic rate high during the day by eating regular nutritious meals in small portions. Also, drink no less than two liters of water daily. This is an important step as water helps to maintain optimal body health. 

Get a Smaller Waist with a Corset #5: Follow a Fitness Plan

As mentioned earlier, corset training only works as an aid to weight loss and slimming your waist. I recommend combining this with a consistent exercise regimen that focuses on core and muscle strengthening. The more you move, the higher the level of thermogenic activity in your body, which ultimately leads to weight loss.

Get a Smaller Waist with a Corset #6: Be Consistent

When using steel boned corsets, consistency and patience will lead to the results you want. Be patient with yourself and the process even if it seems like nothing is happening. The transformation will not happen overnight. I do recommend that you track your progress by first taking photos of yourself, as well as measurements and body weight before you begin. Having these “before” markers helps to encourage consistency and continued positive choices.

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