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7 Simple Ways To Add Appeal To Your Home

Ideally, you want your home to be a haven filled with all the things that make you happy and comfortable. However, daily life and all the things we seem to collect unnecessarily can put a wrench in that concept of living in a delightful space. That said, with a little attention to detail and a small budget, you can certainly add appeal to your home. And, now that the festive holiday season is here, there is no better time to give your space some tender loving care. Here are some simple ideas you can incorporate quickly!

Declutter and Organize

Spaces that are used regularly in your house are prone to clutter and disorganization. Taking the time to purge and straighten up your environment is the first step to bringing back a sense of peace and comfort. Go through each area with the intent to rid yourself of anything that isn’t useful, you don’t love and isn’t sentimental. Have 4 boxes available that are marked “Give Away”, “Keep”, “Storage”, and “Sell”. Place each item in the appropriate box as you go. It might also be helpful to label your drawers and cabinets in storage areas so you and your family can keep things tidy in the future.


Painting a room or even a wall gives your home a fresh update that inexpensively changes the look and overall atmosphere. If you’re not sure what colors to choose, look at some recent home magazines or websites for inspiration. Paint stores also have color scheme recommendations based on current trends. If you’re still in doubt, you can always use an app that actually shows what your room will look like in varying colors. This is all assuming that you’re doing all the work yourself. There is the option to hire a decorator or paint experts to handle the hard part.

Add Some Plants

I am a lover of nature and all things green, so this post wouldn’t be complete without recommending the use of plants and flowers to add appeal to your home. Though you might not be as enthusiastic as I am about bringing the outside in, know that adding several easy-care plants can actually help relax you.  There are even some of our green friends like the Spider plant that help to clean the air. Choose pots and plants that add decorative appeal and make you feel comfortable and happy.

Change the Lighting       

If your home’s lighting needs to be updated, consider moving lamps around or getting some new fixtures for overhead. You can create a cozy vibe in any area with soft or colored lighting with the use of special light bulbs or shades.  Natural light is vital in the home to brighten up dark spaces and give a clean, fresh look and feel. Try opening up space around the windows and use light curtains that allow light to come in all year long.  Additionally, you can place mirrors strategically to give the appearance of more light.

Add or Change the Art

Artwork helps you to define your personality in your space by reflecting topics, colors, and styles you love. Try using several special art pieces together to create a theme or wall collage. If you are creative, make your own art and display it around your home. I am also fond of thrift store art finds, as well as picture frames. Simply swapping out a frame for a new one or refurbished one can add character and life to an old print.

Rearrange Furniture

Creative rearrangement is one of my favorite things to do in my home! I actually had a business doing it for other people, too. It’s an exciting activity that can be fun for the whole family, as everyone can have input into the new layout of a room. One of the things that I do is gather accessories, art, lamps, and other misc. items from around the house and storage and place them on a table. The next step is to pair items that are alike in style, color group, and pattern/texture. One this is done, decide what room you’d like to move these items to. You can also do this with larger pieces of furniture, but I recommend deciding on each room’s plan before moving heavy items.

Do also consider how you use each space and what you need for flow and function. In other words, it might look good, but does it serve your family’s needs. This is also where repurposing items come into play. For example, you can turn an old, dated entertainment center into a wardrobe or bar. Think outside the box and create a fresh look for your home by simply moving things around or assigning a new purpose for old items.

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

The outdoor living space is a significant area of your home, and outdoor-friendly materials can be a clever addition. You can turn your patio into a great hangout spot by incorporating outdoor furniture that can be used year-round. Yes, some folks love cozying up to a fire bowl and hot chocolate in the winter. Think about how you would like to use this space and get creative with what you have or take a look online at stores like National Outdoor Furniture.

Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to involve a large budget or elaborate design. The simple act of decluttering, painting, and adding some ambient touches to your home can help to make it more comfortable and appealing to everyone. You can also make changes to improve your health and attitude, including adding plants, aromatherapy, and pleasing colors. The diverse options are endless!


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