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7 Ways To Manage Time Better In Your Business

One of the worst things for a business owner is to realize that she or her employees have been wasting time. If you and your staff aren’t following a plan and efficiency protocols, it’s likely your bottom line is suffering. Below, you’ll find several ways to manage time better in your business. These tips should help you maximize work hours and build a better business.

Delegate Effectively

If you want to manage time better, learn how to delegate effectively. I know it can be difficult to let go of control and allow others to do the work for you, but it’s imperative if you want to grow as a company. Additionally, you’ll want to set this example for your employees, as your manager(s) will need to do the same.

Automate What You Can 

Chances are, there are tasks and functions in your business that can be automated. By downloading apps and software for scheduling, projects, and accounting, there will be fewer human errors and missing deadlines. 

Outsource Where You Need It 

When you’re in a place where you can’t afford to hire more employees but can’t seem to get everything done, consider outsourcing. After all, placing employees on tasks outside their job descriptions could backfire. For example, Managed IT Services are so important if you want to minimize downtime for your business and keep everything operating smoothly. Outsourcing things like accounting, payroll, social media management, and other tasks, makes sense if it’s cost-effective and helps you move forward. 

Cut Down Work Days/Hours

This might seem counterproductive, however, cutting down hours/workdays encourages more efficient scheduling and production. People tend to use the time they have available to them. No matter how great an employee is, chances are, he/she wastes a little time here and there. By cutting down the workweek to 4 days, your team will likely get everything done that they used to in 5 and end up with an extra day off. This will have to be a working experiment to know for sure.

Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks

Make sure you eliminate all unnecessary tasks for yourself and everybody on your team. Keep in mind, meetings are usually not as productive as you hope, and emails back and forth can take up a lot of time. Instead, invest in collaborative software that can minimize meetings, discussions, and misunderstandings.

Invest in Appropriate Equipment

Faster computers and ergonomic chairs may seem like luxuries, but, if they make your team more comfortable, they could certainly help production. Listen to your staff when they make suggestions for software, equipment, and other office tools. They are the ones working through problems, so they should have a good idea about where time may be slipping away.


Find ways to optimize other things in your business. For example, if you must have a meeting, keep everybody standing and set a timer so that no time is wasted. Encourage your team to take several short breaks during the day to refresh their minds and bodies. Research has shown that employees that step away from work periodically get more done and are healthier in general. Furthermore, take the time to do this yourself.

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