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8 Life-Changing Reasons To Get Active Today

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Movement is an important part of our overall health and wellness…even more than that, it’s imperative to humanity itself! Our bodies are designed to get active and stay that way from birth to death for everything from survival to pleasure. It’s when we stop being who we are as humans and become inactive that we interrupt the very essence of our physical existence. We’ve managed to turn something that should be considered as important as breathing into something that is despised and avoided by many. But, one thing that is true: you can always start today by moving more than you did yesterday. I’ve compiled 8 reasons to get active and stay active. I hope you find them motivating to at least give your body a chance to do and be what it is meant to. 

Weight Loss/Control

If you need to lose weight or simply maintain it, getting more active will support your goals. Movement encourages a faster metabolism, as well as more calories and fat burned.  Exercise will help you to lose extra weight faster but also keep you where you want to be. Many people don’t know that fluctuating weight is hard on your body in general, including your heart, circulatory system, digestive system, endocrine system, not to mention what it does to your state of mind. Some form of daily exercise will help you to stay at your desired weight for the rest of your life.

Better Sleep

bed-945881_640Being more active in your daily life can lead to better sleep. Again, because exercise is a normal and needed function of our bodies, the sleep cycles are affected by it in a positive way. Utilizing energy during your day sets you up to fall asleep faster, as well as stay asleep. Just make sure you don’t do strenuous exercise too close to bedtime, as it can actually make you more alert. Experiment with exercising at various times of the day to see what works best for you. 

More Energy

Exercise provides you with a good blast of endorphins and feel-good chemicals; such as serotonin and dopamine, that naturally give you more energy. Regular movement creates an overall improvement in all body functions that, in turn, improves your sense of well-being. You will notice your desire to be active gets stronger the more you move and activate your body’s natural forces. So, what feels uncomfortable and exhausting at first will end up being something you look forward to because you simple feel better.

A Happier Outlook On Life

Being more active stimulates those “feel-good” chemicals I spoke of above. These chemicals are what create our ability to be happy, to love, to motivate ourselves, to want to live. Putting it that way, I hope you can see just how important exercise is to our well-being. It’s interesting to note that anti-depressant drugs have become the norm for much of the population as a quick-fix for lack of the above feelings. I’m not saying that, in all cases, these meds are bad, I just want to point out a possible correlation between lack of exercise and poor mental health. If you’ve been feeling blue lately, take a walk or bike ride and see how you feel afterward. Do what makes you feel good, so you are encouraged to make regular exercise a habit.

Have More Fun

meafterworkoutExercise can be so much fun if you find something you are good at and can enjoy with or without others. Check out your local gym or YMCA for fitness classes and activities. You could even make some new friends in the process! Exercise will be what you make of it. Personally, I love to put on my fitness gear and hit the gym or simply take a walk around my neighborhood. There is no reason to look frumpy while you work out either. Check out how fashionable you can be with yoga shorts, swanky running shoes, and cute tanks with motivational writing on them. Here I am with one of my favorites on. 

Improved Self Esteem

Getting active always improves your self-esteem. I believe this because I’ve experienced it. When I work out regularly, I am much more focused on what I can do instead of what I cannot. My self-image improves, as well as my desire to get out and be social. Naturally, when you live a balanced life with physical activity in your daily routine, you feel more alive and able to do the things you want to do. Call it a phenomenon if you want, but I say that it’s the way it’s supposed to be. 

Reduced Risk of Many Illnesses And Diseases

Our bodies need chemical balance and stimulation of all our major systems. We must engage in activities that provide this on a regular basis or we will suffer the consequences. I’m talking about prevention here. Yes, we do have the power to reduce our risk for illness. If your body is working like it’s supposed to, you are way less likely to get heart disease, digestive ailments, blood sugar issues, depression, joint aches and pain, and a whole lot of other conditions that I don’t have room to list here. Don’t believe me…just ask your doctor.

More Mobility and Quality of Life Later

If you want to move around easier and have a better quality of life when you’re older, you definitely need to get more active today. I’ve noticed that if I don’t move for any long period of time, I get stiff and even achy. Just think what happens when you are sedentary for days, weeks, or years? Yes, things start to break down and get the equivalent of rusty. Have you ever noticed how some older folks look young and vibrant while others can barely walk or hold a decent posture? I betting a lot of this has to do with the lifestyle they led their whole lives. So, it is our choice to do something that will help us to be healthier now and for the rest of our lives. 

What ways do you stay active? Please share your thoughts in the comments below! Be well!

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