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90 Day Health Challenge: Week 2

Not a Perfect Week

Well, ladies, I managed to drop the water weight I gained last week and even a couple of extra pounds, making the total loss so far in my health challenge 2.5 lbs.  I set a goal of losing a total of 10 pounds, so I’m excited that I’m a quarter of the way there.


Fluids – The water still goes down easily and so does the coffee. I drank two much of the black stuff…but, I also drank the green tea that I committed to do last week – a good trade off, I think.

Fitness – The whole exercise thing went horrible wrong with the onset of the worst neck pain that I’ve ever felt in my life.  My chiropractor couldn’t even adjust it all the way because of the tension and pain.  I’m recovering though.  I wanted you all to know that the ballet for fitness is a wonderful way to get some shape to your rear end.  I’ve been doing it now since Donna posted the article.  My butt looks so much better!

Accountability– Livestrong.com took a back seat this week as well.  I’ve had several invites to do guest posts, and I’m busy with writing and with the “Missy Moo” (my toddler).  Thankfully, livestrong.com is still there waiting for my return.  Websites are patient like that; they don’t cry, yell, make a mess, or escape out the front door when you don’t pay attention to them.

Next Week’s Goals

1.  Definitely to hit some cardio (hard).  My ticker needs some jolting.

2.  Return to my livestrong.com accountability.

3.  Continue my cleansing efforts.

This is a short list but school starts this week, and I will get too busy to do much more.  Let me know what you have done this week for your own health.  How do you stay on track with your fitness?  Be well-be beautiful.

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  1. That’s ok Kellie – just keep on moving towards your goals.

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