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Making Decisions


Today’s topic is one with which many have trouble – even on a daily basis.  It is making decisions and acting upon them.  I, for one, am one of those women who don’t find making some decisions to be pleasant; therefore, I avoid them…even if it hurts me.  When I say this, I don’t mean your every day ones like which breakfast cereal to buy or what shoes should I wear today; no, the ones I speak of are much more life-changing.

To Do or Not To Do? 

Unfortunately, the question may perplex on a level that can’t be reached easily when one needs to make a choice or decision.  This is something that I have realized about certain things in my life, leaving me to wonder why are some changes so hard to make.  My conclusion is this:  The part of our beings that has the capability of promoting change is also the part that controls our emotions and the “fight or flight” choice.  And deep set patterns  in this part of the brain have trouble finding a different path to take.  Therefore, finding a way to alter the looping brain patterns is imperative to stop the inability to make effective change and decisions.  Can you tell I love this deep stuff.

While others around you might think you’re crazy or a chronic procrastinator when you don’t move on the decisions set before you, it’s really not that simple.  Every person is different and requires different stimuli to change certain aspects of their lives, especially if the change will bring pain (like a divorce or kicking your adult child out of your house).

Work Toward an Answer

So, don’t be too hard on yourself or someone else who seems to be in a rut.  For your situation(s), think deeply about life patterns and try to identify any instances from your past that may be holding you back from a goal, a move, or any life-changing decision.  Though it may take some time (even years) to come to a conclusion, just work toward the answer.  When dealing with someone else, listen, support, and offer advice when they ask for it.  And, of course, send them to Women’s Life Link.  We’ll love on them.

Here are a few things that have helped me in the past:

1.  Affirmations – These are positive statements that you rehearse -usually aloud – to affirm your desire for change.  Examples of these are:  “I am a healthy woman who exercises every day,” or “I make good financial decisions and reap the benefits daily,” or “I am an excellent mother who bonds easily with my children.”  Make sure what you speak focuses on the positive outcome and not the negative that is.  Don’t say this:  “Because I never have enough money, I am going to make better financial decisions.”

2.  Brain Entrainment – This is a program by which you actually change the neural pathways of the brain.  It’s pretty high-tech stuff that requires a commitment on your part to work your way through the proper steps.  One that I have used, and enjoyed very much, is the Holosync technology through Centerpointe Research Institute.

3.  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – I have experienced this therapy that targets emotional toxins and the electrical responses of the brain itself.  Through a method that helps one rid themselves of the emotional blockages of trauma, abuse, and poor decisions, you become freer to bring change to your life.  This technique should be performed or taught by a certified practitioner.

No matter what the decisions are that you need to make, keep in mind that it’s your life; you don’t have to rush to the easy answer.  If you’re not ready, and your brain is not ready, change will not come.  Take your time and seek help if you need it.  I’m with you on this. Tell us about a decision that you found difficult to make and how you overcame the hesitancy to make it.  Be well-be beautiful.

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