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90 Day Health Challenge: Week 5

I’m Good…Hanging in There

In the overall picture of my health challenge, this week wasn’t so bad; in terms of the short seven day period, it sucked.  It was one laced with a horrible head cold and that same old PMS thing that kept me bloated and grumpy last month.  The cold at least kept me popping my extra vitamin C, D, B, and drinking a deluge of liquids.  I was reminded of how dry my throat was about every 15 minutes during the night from the inability to breathe through my nose.  I do feel better today though.  However, I’m going to keep this short so I can get some more rest.

I’m continuing my chiropractic care as there is still some spinal issues to deal with.  I do know that spine health has much to do with our overall health; in fact, there are acute conditions (like viruses) and even chronic ones (migraine, depression, organ weakness) that can be caused by the body’s energy, blood, and nerve flow getting interrupted.  A simple spinal adjustment or series of them can clear up many ailments.

I’ve really focused this week on making sure to use as many organic products as I can.  You will be hearing about some of the items that I’m trialing right now.  So far, I’m impressed with them all.  Look for my natural product gift basket giveaway in September.  I want you to understand the risks that are posed to your body when you use products full of bad things.  We’ll talk more about this topic on the upcoming Tip of the Iceberg Tuesday.

I don’t have much else to say about this week and my health, other than my weight is stable, I’ve managed to pull in my stomach muscles a bit through some isometric exercises, and my Missy Moo is walking all over the place so I’m a chasing (good exercise).  How have any of you been doing on your health quest?  Please share.  Until we meet next week for another update, be well-be beautiful.

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