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Fortunate Friday: Constructive Criticism

Moving Forward Through the Help of Others

A part of coaching a woman to achieve true life fulfillment and happiness is to help her see where she is and where she wants to go.  I’ve had to do a lot of self-coaching over the years just to stay sane and moving forward.  And, to tell you the truth, I still have many areas in my life that need work.  We all do.  One thing I have learned is there is nothing negative that happens that can’t be turned into a positive.  In that case, we should be thankful for every step that we take and for every event that we encounter.

I am thankful to be a woman, a writer, a mom, a blogger, etc..   And I am thankful for those who help me to be better at all of those jobs.  We all are fortunate in different ways; some have a great family life; some have wealth; some have a fulfilling career; some have vitality and health; some have outstanding beauty; and some even have all of the above.  You don’t need to “have it all” (like Barbie and Angelina Jolie) to start showing a little gratitude.  Truthfully, even those who seem to have had life handed to them on a silver platter have disappointments, frustrations, and need the occasional “two cents” from someone else.  It is likely that constructive criticism got them to where they are today, or at least it helped.

A Slice of Humble Pie

So, this Friday, I am fortunate to have people in my life who care enough to tell me the truth.  Even if their critiques are a little uncomfortable.  More specifically, a fellow novelist has helped me to locate myself as a writer this week. This person has shown me that I can certainly do better.  He has offered me the opportunity to see that my work is worth critiquing and that I’m in a position to make it sell in the current market…if I’m willing to change, that is.  Though hard to hear; it was necessary.

Tell us about some constructive criticism that has made you a better woman, mom, employee, wife, etc..  Be well-be beautiful, and be grateful.

“Nothing in life worth having comes easily.”

˜Dorothy Hicks (English teacher)

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