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90 Day Health Challenge: Week 6

The Mid-Point Crisis…of Sort

Oh, crap…this thing is halfway over!  And, I wish I could say that I’d reached all of my mid-point goals – not so much, but I haven’t given up.  At least the challenge has prodded me to move closer to them.  I did have a small epiphany this week though.  While at my chiropractor’s office, I had to use the restroom and noticed a framed quote on a table across from the toilet.  I don’t recall the author, but I do remember the encouraging message.  If you know why you are doing something, and what positive influence that “why” will have on your life, you will accomplish the “what” you have to do to get to your goal.  Suddenly, I realized that I’d been cheating myself out of focusing on the “why”- my “what” has been a burden, not a bridge to my goal.  The bad thing is I knew this.

So, instead of telling you about my minuscule victories, and my whopping failures this week, I’m going to tell you “why” I took this challenge and “why” I want to be healthier.  Fair enough?

1.  I want to live a full life-span and beyond.

2.  I want to have all my faculties (mind, vitality, continence, sex drive, and teeth) in the golden years.

3.  I want to have energy to play with my Missy Moo (toddler girl).

4.  I want to keep looking 15 years younger than I am.

5.  I want to actually feel like taking a walk or run because I have energy.

6.  I want to set a good example for my children.

7.  I want to set a good example for you.

8.  I want to throw my Ibuprofen away…for good.

9.  I want to know that I’m doing everything I can for my health.

10.  Last, but not least,  headaches really suck.

I am going to write these 10 “whys” on a large board and read them every day this week.  If it doesn’t make a difference in my progress, nothing will.  This is my heart- my reasons for doing this.  What are your reasons for wanting to be healthier?  Please share.  Be well-be beautiful.

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  1. Thank you for this great resource. My interest in Holistic Nutrition is a new chapter in both my personal practice and professional coaching and advocacy.

    I am inspired to see so many taking control of their Well Being and getting into the driver’s seat.

    Please contact me; I’d love to collaborate with you on several initiatives. Many many thanks for your great work.
    peace, Tom

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