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Organic Tea At It’s Best

A Pleasant Experience

Sitting on the deck with a cup of quality tea, a good book, and a cool September breeze in my face is what I call a perfect way to spend a few moments of peace.  There is truly something calming about taking in the scent of a hot beverage that you know is good for you – an indulgence that brings joy and health.  Because finding new organic products and edibles is one of my passions, I went looking and found a wonderful source for all-natural, gourmet teas.  The Red Leaf Tea company offers a large variety of unique, gourmet teas from all over the world; I was delighted to experience some of them first hand.


Owner, Wanda Rydzewski, runs the premium tea business  and markets her collection via the web.  With a line up to be proud of, she has definitely earned an A+ for quality in my book.  The site also features some honey varieties, teaware, sugars, and gift baskets.

Now for the tea review.  The first flavor I tried was the Red Sunset, a rare tea from Europe, it has black tea as a base and has a natural fruit flavor that adds a hint of sweetness to the aromatic brew. The tea has light floral notes and vitamin C because of the added rose petals.  I found it refreshing, yet soothing.  From the moment I breathed in the aroma, I sensed the sweetness of the fruit.  I knew I had found a new favorite…until I tried the Rooibos Africana.

My Favorite

This tea has the recognizable red cup that is characteristic of all rooibos blends. Rooibos Africana goes the extra step however, by adding bright blue malva flowers and purple cornflowers to the crimson mix. I actually couldn’t wait to try it as I waited for it to be ready.  It’s rich, spicy flavor found me when I wasn’t feeling well, so the natural “perk” I experienced was a plus.  This tea is packed full of health giving benefits, and is known to ease the pain of sore throats, lower swelling, and boost general well being. With subtle touches of vanilla and orange, this tea is a great way to pamper yourself!

Usually, I don’t like to leave the bag steeping long because most teas get too strong and have a bitter taste when you do.  To my surprise, these teas did not do that.  I wanted to try different steep times so I could get a better feel for the individual flavors.  Some of the varieties, like Blue Moon and Yerba Mate were actually better the longer the bag remained in the water.  I also found the variance in color for each tea was interesting (I’m just visual like that).

A Special Offer

If you love tea and want to try some that you just aren’t going to find in the supermarket, head over to Red Leaf Tea and check out their impressive variety.  Just as a heads up, the tea comes without the bags, so you will need to use a tea strainer spoon or empty bags that they also sell on the site.  They have also graciously offered a special deal for Women’s Life Link readers.  It is 20%OFF and FREE Shipping on all of their products with the coupon “womenslifelink” for the first 20 customers to shop at their online store.  It can be used for current specials as well.  Also, look for their upcoming additions: Immortalitea, Smart Tea, and bath teas that will give you additional health benefits.  Happy sipping, Ladies!  Be well-be beautiful.

Leave a relevant comment to be entered in our September natural product gift basket giveaway.  You also get an entry when you visit Redleaftea.com and tell us which tea you’d like to try.  You can get additional entries by picking up our RSS feed or following us on Twitter.Please leave separate comments for each entry.  Contest ends 9/25/09.

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