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A Little Earth Day Controversy

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Striving to “save the planet” is the passion of many individuals and corporations all over the world. And with good reason, considering the crisis of sustainable energy, clean water, declining supply of quality foods, and the senseless extinction of countless animal species.  Though not everyone knows and understands the problems and how to solve them, at least some are trying to make progress with physical intervention and education.


But what about the people issues…the greed issues…the “I don’t care as long as I get paid” issues?


These won’t go away with “Go Green” campaigns and PBS broadcasts of Earth-friendly shows. No, the problem is in humanity and its need to succeed financially.  Greed is killing our planet and its population, not pollution and waste.  If someone could come up with a way to change the ideals of the business world and the backbone of the financial system, the abuse would cease and the planet would heal.  For example: Instead of there being a need to recycle, the unnatural products that are poisoning us and the planet would never be produced in the first place.  Instead of needing more and more physicians and hospitals to corral the people who are diseased from the poor quality food and water, the world would never allow the production of the garbage that fills our supermarkets and ends up in the landfills and water supply.


Oh, but wait, it’s too expensive to produce natural food and Earth-friendly products, right? Wrong.  That’s just what the blockbuster companies want us to think.  If those “companies” just by chance give a little to the “green” cause, it’s because they need a tax write off. You know how you know if caring about people and the environment is a focus of a company, it has been doing it since its beginning, not suddenly wanting kudos for their role in the “save the Earth” movement. Although, there could be some that have been educated and truly do want to change, the majority are corrupt and care only about the bottom line.


It’s the norm for the population to want unnatural foods and products because we have been brainwashed by the media, government, and the education systems. If you go all natural in your diet and only purchase “green” items for your home, you will not only go broke trying but you are practically considered an outcast by mainstream society…tree hugger, extremist, crazy, environmentalist, animal activist, I believe are the staple titles given to those who just want to break free from the par course.  Have you ever wondered why healthful living costs so much?  Again, it’s all a part of the corruption.  Can you think of any companies that might want the masses to stay sick and uneducated about true health?  I can.  Every pharmaceutical and OTC drug company out there.  Every processed food manufacturer.  Every company that produces medical supplies for the chronically ill.


Well, I could go on here, but I won’t. You get the point.  Anyway, I am thankful for the “green” awareness that some have brought to the forefront, but I wish for an army of leaders who would target the real problems!

What do you think about the state of the environmental crisis and the way in which corporations do business?

Be well-be beautiful-be happy!


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