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Aspiring Actress From Sudan Beats Her Tormentors And Reaches For The Stars


anyieth VI Anyieth Kuotz is a rising actress, originating from South Sudan, who has had to beat her tormenters while proving to her negative thinking family that she could do it – she could become the actress that not only she wanted to be – but even the MC at her primary school graduation publicly announced that she should be.  It seems the fact that she could always make people laugh coupled with being one of the friendliest students prepared her for the future.  If only she could make her family believe that.  But for that moment, she felt she had to fit in with her family who had been through a lot and has had many cultural boundaries – boundaries that Anyieth always feared to be contradicting.  So she is currently attending university doing journalism and business.

This wonderful young woman has certainly seen her share of sadness, pain and heartbreak.  Having travelled extensively, visiting such places as Egypt, Dubai, Uganda, Singapore and revisiting her home in South Sudan, it seems the witnessing of a life-changing event made her realise she needed to use her God-given talents to bring joy and creativity to others, for a better good.  When visiting home recently, a civil war had broken out and as she witnessed the heartbreaking screams of terrified people with bullets flying everywhere, she realised that she had to do more to make a difference – so she is.

Anyieth says she has done heaps of different acting in the past  and feels her teachers knew what they were talking about.  She now appears at public community events.  She has also dabbled in modelling and says, “You have to start somewhere and modelling has been a great place to get more audience.”

Her inspirations lie mostly in classical movies.  She names James Dean, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, as well as those of today: Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo De Caprio  and Will Smith.  And in her spare time?  WHAT spare time?  Well, OK – but  she enjoys eating and writing her deep thoughts.

As for her bullying nightmare, this occurred in both primary and secondary school.  She does not feel that the government and schools around the world are doing enough to combat this problem, either.  “I say this because on my news-feed I always see signs of bullying and school fights being videoed.  I think it is disgusting.” She adds that she feels it would be amazing to see more anti-bullying camps/campaigns.  Like most victims, she would hate for others to experience the same situation that she did.  And the creative and exploratory Ayieth would like to start a camp for the troubled children who are the bullies.  “This would be a positive camp where children  focus on positivity, change and forgiveness.”  Very wise thoughts.

anyieth IVWhen asked what advice she would give to someone who is experiencing this nightmare at the moment, she answers, “Keep your head up – those people who bully and hurt you are probably more insecure than you are.  Lashing out is not the best way to deal with it, and neither is self-harm.  People will find reasons to hate anyone.  No matter how perfect you are there is always going to be someone that holds a grudge.”  She adds that victims should take it easy – get some advice from friends and family and also see their school counsellor or psychiatrist.  “Life can drag you into darkness. It tried to take it from me , I tried to commit suicide because of bullying.”  Anyieth now realises that seasons change and life DOES get better.  “Focus on those who care and love you.”

And for the future?  She is looking for amazing opportunities to make it.  She wants to become somebody who will be remembered for doing something worthy.

[Tweet “I believe that if you try and aren’t afraid of falling and failing you will eventually reach your goal. “]She finishes with a special message:  “No matter where you are from, who you are, there is always a way to make your dreams come true.  A few years back my family had nothing.  I had nothing.  Today I am a university student, trying to juggle two lives.  I believe that if you try and aren’t afraid of falling and failing you will eventually reach your goal.  Don’t believe me – look at Einstein!  All in all, keep your chin up and reach for the stars, baby!”

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  1. How inspiring! I love to read about people chasing their dreams and looking for ways to make a difference. Thanks so much!

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