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Brain Health Evaluation

I recently did a post on memory loss and since decided to pursue ways to bring new health and life to my brain; it seems like a smart thing to do considering the alternative, chronic forgetfulness and even loss of brain cells.  This trek that I’m on started with an evaluation of all the things that I did in my 20s and 30s when my mind seemed to be more like the proverbial steel trap than the bucket of mush it is now.

Back Then

• First, I realized that I was a lot more active with the kids; I walked (even jogged) regularly; and I engaged in more learning activities.  All of these things are recommended for brain health.

• Second, I’m sure my hormone levels were different (pre-pre-menopause).

• Third, I was constantly reading something.

• Fourth, I spent more time with friends.

• And last, but certainly not least, I had a lot more sex.

The good thing about my past activities is that almost all of them can be added back into my current lifestyle (looking forward to most of it).

The Now

The next thing I did was evaluate what I do, don’t do, or have now that I didn’t back then.

• First, I drink more wine, take more medicines, and rely on caffeine to wake me up in the morning (oh, wait, I always did coffee).

• Second, I have more headaches requiring narcotic intervention (Demerol and Phenergan injections:  Not recommended for healthy brain function).

• Third, I have allergies (Claritan Clear my ass).

• Lastly…damn it, I forgot what it was!  Oh yeah, I don’t listen to music as much as I used to.

The Results and Plan of Action

I find these lists extremely interesting and concluded that if I just learn (by reading) how to spend more time with the kids and how to have more sex in your forties, jog to my friend’shouse (while listening to Mozart on the ipod) to tell her about my findings; when I get there, “just say no” to the wine, ibuprofen, and coffee she offers; come home, chase the kids (playfully, of course) out of my bedroom, and do my husband…then, because my health will have improved so much, the migraines and the allergies will have ceased to exist clearing my head significantly.  That leaves me with one problem…the forty-something hormoneissue, which according to my web site can be fixed.  So, I’m good to go.  And with my little self-eval I just saved enough money to put one child through the first year of college and enough time to have…a lot more sex.  I feel smarter already.  Be well.

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