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Coincidence or Destiny?

Have you ever had something happen that you just couldn’t park by as coincidence?  However, it can be difficult to determine the reason for events that either march up to you with full force  begging for your attention, or those that are subtle and quiet seemingly unrelated to your life.  How you take these moments in time is largely due to what you believe is possible and by what knowledge you have.  A long time ago, I decided that I would not dismiss random events too quickly as they very well could be important to the outcome of projects, relationships, and future endeavors.  In this post, I would like to take a look at different ways we can perceive the fascinating, little occurrences that can either bewilder and confuse or, on the other hand,  inspire a  move forward.


What is a coincidence?  The dictionary defines it as a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance.  How do we know if something is just random or truly does bear some significance to our lives?  Well, there really isn’t any scientific formula or program to follow to reach a conclusion.  Rather, try to think about how the event makes you feel.  Does it cause an extreme emotion – negative or positive?  Did it add something to your life; did it take away something?  How we react to things that happen is a primary factor in determining what comes next.

Though thousands of random things happen in our lives every day, we still need to keep an open mind about the possible origin of those occurrences.  There is a theory called Occam’s razor; it states that when multiple possibilities are presented, we should choose the hypothesis that uses the least amount of assumptions to conclude.  Meaning, if you have to go out on a limb to get your answer then it’s likely not the right one.  Well, though this does have some scientific weight, I’m not sure if it can be applied to other areas.  Spiritual and emotional events can happen because of something that we did years ago; this theory draws away from science and reaches further inward toward the unseen parts of our being.

The Law of Attraction

Believe it or not, there is a physical and spiritual law that is at work all the time.  We constantly bring things into our lives (good and bad) by simply being alive.  What we think, do, and say can add wonderful things to our lives as well as bring misfortune.  Factually, we are living the lives that we designed by these very actions.  If this is true, you have to wonder if we should ever think something is just a coincidence.  The important thing is to focus on the good in your life, don’t complain, and bring life-giving ideas and love to others around you.  This will all come back to you.

Recently, I found a website that sells products that promote health through oxygenation and energy.  I was merely searching for new health products to promote on WLL.  As I chatted back and forth with the owner, I realized that we shared a passion for things totally unrelated to my search.  Do I think it was a coincidence?  No.  I had been visualizing positive events that had to do with another project, and I believe that meeting this woman was the result of those visions.  The fun part to this is understanding that what comes next is up to me!

Woman’s Intuition

The intelligent and emotional parts of your soul have remarkable powers to bring fortune, and sorry to say, misfortune.  This is why we need to pay attention to those little things that otherwise we would miss.  By analyzing events with your mind and feeling them with your heart, I believe you can know what opportunities lay before you.  Call it woman’s intuition or a gut feeling; these proddings are there for a reason.  Stop disregarding them as nothing or indigestion.  As women, we are blessed with this gift that has countless purposes.  We can know when our loved ones are in trouble; we can feel our way though tough circumstances; we feel when there is good just around the corner; we just know stuff.

Developing Your Senses

There is so many ways to increase your understanding and awareness of what is happening in your life.  Try meditating on your goals and dreams daily, even visualizing the outcome that you desire.  Seek the advice and guidance of God if you are a believer.  Think of small events as possible opportunities or warnings, instead of ignoring them.  I don’t mean for you to dwell on stupid things, just think them through until you are satisfied that you’re not missing something.  Journal any dreams and events that you can’t get out of your mind or ones that are reoccurring.  Most importantly, recognize when someone is trying to tell you something.

One Stroke at a Time

When we focus on the big picture, we can get overwhelmed; when we focus on the small parts, we have a better chance of understanding how something works – how it affects us.  Not to say that you shouldn’t have a solid picture of the larger goal.  Think of it like this; an artist paints a picture one stroke at a time even though he or she has the whole thing already painted in their mind.  And speaking from experience, that picture can get changed a million times by the influences of the artist’s knowledge, interactions, memories, and outside inspirations.  Truly, our lives are canvases on which to be painted so we must learn to recognize and welcome new paint colors when they come.

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