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Could Your Dental Health Be In Jeopardy?

Our teeth are certainly prone to changes as we age or expose them to various substances. However, this tends to happen over a long period of time and it can sneak up on us, making detection of issues more difficult.  It can even be too late once we realize what’s going on.

For example, if you’ve noticed bleeding when you floss and brush and are worried about your gums receding, damage may have already occurred. This should be something found by your dentist during a routine check. If your dentist notices that your gums are inflamed then it’s likely due to an infection or gum disease. Something like this can be hard for us to detect, hence why it’s a good idea to make regular visits to your dentist.

Understand that our teeth are constantly degrading even if we do take good care of them. So what are some of the signs to look out for? How do we know when we should be visiting the dentist and telling them about our dental problems to prevent them from degrading even faster?

Signs Of Enamel Wearing Down

Tooth enamel is the hard layer that forms around your teeth, protecting them from decay and damage. Enamel is often a white or yellow color, but it is also partially translucent. Its presence is no doubt important due to the added barrier that it offers to protect your teeth from wearing down.

Unfortunately, our tooth enamel can be worn down depending on the types of foods and drinks we consume. Acidic and sugary foods will generally erode the enamel much more quickly. You might also notice it breaking down due to certain medications or teeth grinding. This can result in greater teeth sensitivity and more frequent cavities, as well as discoloration. As such, you’ll want to visit your dentist for regular checks to keep an eye on it. If you don’t have a dentist, do good research to find a quality dental clinic like https://masonminerdds.com.

Your Teeth Have Moved

If your teeth have moved and it has affected your bite, it’s possible that your gums are holding them in place like they once did. This can be caused by gum disease, teeth grinding, and other conditions. 

There may be other reasons why your teeth aren’t straight anymore or are moving. For example, if you’ve lost a tooth in the past and didn’t get it bridged or replaced, your teeth are prone to moving around. Teeth may also be loose because of gum and bone loss in the mouth. Of course, you can consider getting braces but you will likely have to address other issues first.

Your Teeth Are More Sensitive

Another common sign that your teeth could be in jeopardy is increased sensitivity. This is usually caused by enamel erosion and you’ll notice it the most when you drink something hot or cold. You may even feel it when your gums are exposed to air. If you’ve noticed that your sensitivity has changed, you may want to book an appointment with your dentist to have your teeth closely inspected for any problems before they get worse.

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